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Nathan Trent Releases New Song "Secrets"

He won over the hearts of many a Eurovision fan when he represented Austria last year, with his positive and bubbly personality, but Nathan Trent today has released his brand new single "Secrets"

Nathan 26, who have recently moved from his home nation of Austria to London to persue his music career music further has released "Secrets" in collaboration with London producer J-MOX. "Secrets" is Nathan's third single released since his Eurovision participation, with his first single after, tilted "Good Vibes" being released last June, and is second single "Won't Let You Go" being released in mid January, he was a featured vocalist on the song produced by Poptracker. However shortly after the contest he did release his Eurovision entry "Running On Air" in both Italian and Spanish.

Nathan Trent represented Austria in Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine where he ultimately finished in 16th place in the final, however this year, he went from being judged to a judge himself when he sat in as a member of the Austrian jury for Eurovision 2018, where he ranked Germany, Cyprus and eventual winner Israel as his top three in the final.

From what we know right now, we have no news on wether an EP or album will be coming from Nathan, but we will sure to keep our eyes and ears on the lookout for such a thing! Listen to his new single "Secrets" below and let us know what you think!

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