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Mikolas Josef Welcomed By Fans In The Czech Republic

He may not have won the Eurovision Song Contest, but the Czech Republic's talented artist Mikolas Josef certainly has a lot of celebrating to do, as he is welcomed home by thousands of his fans. Many of whom are new, since he brought the Czech Republic's best ever result at the contest this year.

As he arrived home yesterday, he was greeted by thousands of his fans, and to the delight of many he performed his Eurovision hit to them "Lie To Me" at Wenceslas Square. He has come a long way from the days where he used to busk there. These days, he certainly draws the crowds, and this likeable character has been the perfect ambassador for the Eastern nation.

He was present at all the Eurovision pre-parties, and made quite the impression, gaining new fans along the way. The artist was only the second in the Czech Republic's history to qualify for the grand final, and in doing so he brought the nation their best ever result, where he placed 6th with 281 points.

Before the final last Saturday, he got injured for his art, and during his first rehearsal, the young singer hurt his back. This delayed his rehearsals a couple of days , as he had to use this time to recuperate.

Before the contest, he was picked to represent the country by a clear victory from both an international jury, and the public vote. Both categorically picked him to be the countries representative. However, he did have to change some of the lyrics of his song, due to the fact they contained several expletives.

Mikolas follows Netta from Israel who both were welcomed back home to a rapturous home coming. Mikolas has set the bar high for his country now. Can the Czech republic emulate the success next year?

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