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Growing Demands For Iceland To Boycott Eurovision 2019.

May 16, 2018


Just as one contest ends, another begins.  As it is Eurovision, there is already a sense of drama and politics unfolding, as many Icelander's sign a petition for the country to boycott the competition, that is due to be held in Israel next year. 


In just one day a petition has been gathered that has already seen over 10,000 Icelandic people sign it, stating that they do not want the country to participate in the contest. This is due to the high level of volatility in the region over Palestine.  This comes just a day after the broadcaster RÚV stated that despite its poor showing, and inability to qualify to the final the last few years ,that they have every hope of participating next year.


To add weight to the petition, this years Söngvakeppnin 2018  runner up Daði Freyr has added his name to it.  He was due to participate at the Icelandic national final in 2019, but by signing this petition, he adds even more weight to it.  The singer stated,


"We can't imagine taking part in the fun that is Eurovision with a clear conscience while the Israeli state, and their army use such terrible violence against the Palestinian people".


With a population over 330,000, quite a large chunk has certainly expressed their wish not to be present.  The Nordic nation has certainly been successful in the past in making changes to the country, where they have been unhappy due to politics governing the island nation.  They have made protests, which has resulted in some pretty big changes.  This combined with very few finals in recent years certainly leads the question will Iceland be present at next years competition?


Do you agree with the petition?  Let us know in the comments below.


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