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Netta Receives A Hero's Welcome Back In Israel, And Celebrates In Style

Yesterday, Netta arrived back in Israel, two days after she brought the Eurovision trophy back to the country for the fourth time. She was greeted by many fans, and the press that all wanted a piece of Europe's newest star.

At the airport, she danced with the fans and journalists, but also gave a press conference, and explained of her joy at winning the competition. She said, "This is a great moment for me... and for the country, I am happy that we managed to create a reason for joy in a country that does not have a lot of reasons to celebrate". She then added that, "I want to congratulate Israel for receiving the chance to host next year's Eurovision".

Israel are certainly happy about having the trophy back, with the country celebrating in style. Last night saw a massive crowd gather in Robin Square, Tel Aviv to welcome Netta. Thousands were there and partied along with her. Netta gladly reprised her winning Eurovision entry, and other music was also played including from previous Israeli stars.

Thousands of fans turn up to see Netta after winning Eurovision in Lisbon

The event coincided with the celebrations to in remembrance of Israel's 70th anniversary as an independent state. The city hall was lit up with the words, "Toy", but the event also featured former Eurovision Israeli stars such as Izhar Cohen, Orna, Shiri Maimon and the countries last Eurovision winner from 1998 Danna International.

The mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai who had previously ruled out his city hosting the next competition, stated, "There is a unity that hasn't been seen here for years. Everything is for you, thank you so much. We have a reason to be happy".

There is no doubt, there will be a lot of organising, and important decisions to be made over the next few months. The country has hosted before, so are well equipped, and will surely put on a spectacular show.

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