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Karl William Lund Announces He Is Songwriting For Eurovision 2019

He burst onto the Eurovision stage back in 2016, when he tried to represent the United Kingdom with his self penned song "Miracle" but just days after Eurovision 2018 has come to an end, Karl William Lund has announced today via his social media he has begun writing songs for Eurovision 2019.

Karl, 31 also entered the 1in360 competition in an attempt to represent San Marino in Eurovision in 2018, all we know at this stage is the songwriter is purely writing music, we however do not know if he is planning to enter himself with his own like before or submit to multiple countries across the continent. Last August he also said to Eurovoxx that he was working with Poland 2010 entry and close Martin Fitch for Martin's forthcoming album, there he told us he wrote two tracks which will feature on Martin's album, including one of the songs being reworked into multiple languages. You can see our interview with the songwriter below.

Another act involved in the Eurovision has also expressed interest in submitting a song for Eurovision 2019, or more in particular for the United Kingdom. Norway 2017 act JOWST has openly expressed this week his desire to right and work with the BBC for the forthcoming Eurovision season. JOWST and Karl William Lund both have songs which follow a similar electronic, trance vibe in their back catalogue, so could we see a collabaration on the horizon between the Brit and the Norwegian? Who knows?

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