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France Provisionally Confirm Eurovision 2019, And Reveal Plans For Destination Eurovision

In an interview with Tele Loisirs, the head of France Télévisions has provisionally confirmed the countries participation at next years Eurovision by revealing that they plan to stick to the current format of "Destination Eurovision".

This year France decided to ditch the internal selection process, and instead opt for a televised national final. Although, the results didn't go France's way with them achieving a respectable 13th place, compared to their previous two top ten placings. It seems that France Télévisions are committed to maintaining the national final that saw Madame Monsieur chosen this year.

It is no surprise that "Destination Eurovision" will be chosen again to select the 2019 entry, after all the viewing figures for the national final, were steady and impressive.

Recently, the country confirmed its second Junior Eurovision participation, and it is hoped that with this, the country can grow at the contest. With recent results going France's way, it seems that the tide is turning, and that people are seeing the whole "Eurovision" phenomenon in a more positive light.

It is well over 40 years since France won Eurovision, it is clear that the country want to host, and win the competition again. Could 2019 be the year? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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