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Bulgaria Confirm Eurovision Participation In 2019

Despite "Equinox" failing to emulate the success of Kristian Kostov, and Poli Genova, it seems that the head of delegation has brushed this aside, and confirmed that Bulgaria will continue to present at Eurovision, hence confirming the countries pariticpation next year.

Equinox finished at 14th place with 166 points, just behind France. Despite the band being tipped to do well with, fans, pundits and bookies, the country has decided that this is no reason to pull out of the contest.

The head of Delegation Joana Leieva- Sawyer said in a statement that, "BNT will continue to take part at Eurovision and to help in all possible ways our musicians to take advantage of that big stage ." She also stated, "we don't feel injustice with the result because there was a very strong competition this year".

It seems that Bulgaria are really taking the Eurovision seriously, and recent results prove this. It is humble of the broadcaster to take this placing with dignity, even though it is respectable. There is no doubt that the country will decide to send something just as fresh, and modern next year.

Who would you like to see represent Bulgaria next year? Tell us in the comments below.

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