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The EBU Launches Investigation Into SuRie's Stage Invasion

It's not often that a winner of the Eurovision Song Contest gets upstaged by an artist that has not won. This certainly happened at the Grand Final on Saturday, when SuRie's performance of "Storm" was rudely interrupted by a stage invader. Since then the European Broadcasting Union has launched an investigation into how this happened.

The singer was half way through the second chorus when the man known as ACactivism on Twitter stormed onto the stage, forcefully took the mic of SuRie, and said, "Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom". This left the British singer clearly shaken. Within second, security removed him off the stage, and he was arrested. As a result of this, the EBU did say they were carrying out an investigation.

In a statement they said, "the man gained access to the stage by climbing into the camera run. He then reached the main stage via the bridge and pushed by security.... We take security very serious and an investigation into what happened is already under way".

Many commentators and artists were quick to offer support. Netta from Israel said, " I adore you for your professionalism, you did incredible".

Graham Norton, the UK commentator said during the show, "We don't know why he stormed the stage but it doesn't matter, you don't hijack someone's hard-earned moment in the spotlight, no matter what your cause".

Joel Creasey the Australian commentator went into a foul mouthed rampage by saying about the man, "some absolute c***head". This sums up much of the fans reaction to what happened on Saturday night.

SuRie was offered the chance to sing again, but declined saying, "they were extremely proud of her performance and have decided that there is absolutely no reason to perform the song again".

All at Eurovoxx are glad the SuRie is well, and has recovered from her ordeal, and wish her the best. This weekend see's her start her tour, which will be no doubt a success. There will be no doubt more on this as the weeks go on. Stay tuned for more information when it comes available.

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