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Are Steps Preparing To Cause A 'Chain Reaction' By 'Stomping' Their Mark At Eurovisi

Could it be "5,6,7,8" or even 12 points for the United Kingdom? If recent rumours are to be believed, it looks like Steps are putting their best foot forward, and are considering being the UK's next Eurovision representatives.

According to the Metro paper the band are playing with the idea of being the nations next Eurovision act. It has been reported that, at the steps concert DVD premiere, that band member Clare said, "Never say never", and teased with the idea. she added that band member H would definitely say yes. Adding weight to this, is boyband Blue, who are also trying to convince them to do so.

Blue famously represented the UK in 2011 with the song, "I Can" coming 11th. The band have fond memories of the competition, and provided the country with it's best result in nearly ten years, and are clearly encouraging the group to do so.

It appears that one member of steps at least is certainly championing for a change, and during the Eurovision in May, one fifth of the group, Iain H Watkins seemed to take to twitter, and urged his fellow band mates, and Graham Norton to allow the group to preform, and participate at Eurovision on behalf of the United Kingdom, by saying, "Can we PLEASE do Eurovision".

However, despite saying, "Never, say never", Clare was more sceptical and tweeted "I can categorically say that Steps will not be doing Eurovision next year.... Please do not ask again". Has the boyband "Blue convinced her to change her opinion?

In the absence of LED screens this year, it was shown that you didn't need to impress with pyro-technics , but it was all about putting on a good show. Certainly, this can be seen if you look at Moldova who gave a catchy, and memorable performance. They were rewarded with a decent score, and a top 10 finish. Could Steps do the same? There is no doubt they can sing, and put on a spectacle stage show.

Recently, in the UK there has been something of a revival for the group. They are still currently doing a sold out tour of the United Kingdom, which has been so popular that they have had to add new dates. They have released a new album, and single, "Dancing with a broken heart".

Could Steps work at Eurovision? Possibly yes! They are most certainly great performers, and could get the audience behind them. Their new tour has proven that. However, groups like this do not traditionally work well at Eurovision. Do you remember Scooch in 2007? Everyone knows how that one worked out.

Now that Eurovision is over, it is now back to the BBC to try and change the United Kingdom's fortunes at the contest. Not that Eurovoxx is counting, but around 7 months time we shall know who the UK has decided for 2019. Could it be Steps?

Do you think Steps would be a good choice? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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