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SuRie's Eurovision Moment Stormed By Protestor

Eurovision can always be unpredictable, and throw up some surprises. Unfortunately for the United Kingdom's SuRie, this was proved to be the case as she was interrupted by a protestor who stole her microphone on and said, "Nazi's of the UK media".

Security has been tight at the Altice arena all week, but unfortunately this incident happened unexpectedly and caught everyone off guard. The Portuguese team were quick to remove him, and hand the mic back to SuRie.

SuRie being the professional that she is won the hearts of Europe and showed she can carry on regardless. It was during the second chorus that this occurred, but she showed she can go on, and nailed the rest of her performance to a rapturous applause. All of Eurovoxx loves you SuRie, with the United Kingdom being so proud of you.

SuRie in the end decided that her first performance was strong enough , and chose not to reprise her song. The grit and determination of this wonderful singer will be cherished. There is no doubt that after the contest she will gain a plethora of new fans.

Already her Instagram, and Twitter have exploded with praise, but she has had thousands of people rallying support for her. Blanche who was Belgium's Eurovision singer last year via Instagram has already asked people to vote for her. J.K Rowling has also praised her professionalism.

This is not the first time that an incident like this has occurred. Last year during Jamala's performance in Ukraine, she was interrupted by a prankster who flashed his bottom. Back in 2010 Daniel Diges of Spain also had a stage invader. That time he chose to perform again.

Regardless of tonight's result. SuRie has proved once and for all that she was the right choice for the United Kingdom. SuRie you have done the United Kingdom. We love you!!!

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