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The Final Ten Places For Eurovision 2018 Revealed!!! Is Your Favourite On There?

Tonight, Eurovision held its last semi final, and we now know the full list of the 26 participating countries competing at this years Eurovision grand final to be held Saturday. It was a stunning show that RTP put on this evening, and showed the world they know how to party. Eighteen countries were present, and all performed their hearts out to be given that ticket to be in this Saturdays final. The show held at the Altice arena certainly impressed, and showed that first time winners Portugal really know how to put on a show.

After all eighteen songs were performed, there was a sneak peak performances of Germany, France and Italy who automatically qualify for the grand final. Yesterday, saw the artists perform for the jury vote, and today saw them sing for the public vote. With all results combined, these are the ten that made it to the grand final.


This will be Norway's 57th appearance at Eurovision. However, Alexander's qualification will be the nations 54th Eurovision Final.



This has been Serbia's 11th time as a sovereign nation at the competition. Tonight's success means they have qualified on eight occasions.


This is Denmark's 47th appearance at the contest. The Vikings victory tonight brings their grand final appearance to 43.


14 times they have appeared at the contest. DeRoDo's up tempo, funky number ensures they are at the final for the 10th times.

The Netherlands

This year is the Netherlands 59th appearance at Eurovision. Waylon's second appearance at the grand final means the country has been present on 50 occasions.


Australia have only been present since 2015. However since then they have a 100% qualification record. This year marks their 4th attempt, and 4th final.


ASW will represent Hungary this year. They have been present on 16 occasions, and tonight has ensured they will be at their 14th final come Saturday.


Currently Sweden have a 90% success rate at the competition. Benjamin's performance was Sweden's 58th time at the contest. His qualification means they have been at the final on 57 occasions.


This is Slovenia's 24th Eurovision participation. Lea's qualification tonight makes this their 14th Grand Final appearance.


Another country with a perfect qualification record, They have appeared in 14 contests, with their first back in 2003. Tonight marks their 14th final.

Tonight's winners will accompany the Big 5, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain along with last years winner Portugal. They will accompany Tuesday night's qualifiers Austria, Estonia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Israel, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Albania, Finland and Ireland.

Did your favourite qualify ? Are you happy with the final list of participants? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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