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Number 3 | A countdown of Portugal's best at Eurovision

We here at Eurovoxx have been counting down our all-time favourite Eurovision entries from Portugal in celebration of the upcoming contest in Lisbon. Competing since 1964, Portugal has an extensive history in Eurovision. We’ve added up all of our own personal Top 10's and our 3rd place is the Portuguese entry from 2010, Filipa Azevedo with "Há dias assim".

Filipa Azevedo first became known to Portuguese audiences in 2007 when she took part in Família Superstar, which she won. In 2008, she moved to London to study vocal technique, music technology and production. In 2009, her self-titled debut album was released.

In 2010, Augusto Madureira invited Filipa to sing his song, "Há dias assim" at Festival da Canção. Filipa recieved top marks from the juries and 7 points from the televotes. This was enough to put her ahead of second place act Catarina Pereira, and win the ticket to Eurovision.

At Eurovision in Oslo, Norway, Filipa took part in the first semi final, placing 4th and qualifying to the grand final. At the final, Portugal received it's top points, 8, from France. A total of 43 points placed Portugal 18th out of 25 entries.

After Eurovision, Filipa went on to take part in season 3 of The Voice Portugal in 2016, and now, she is currently starring in theatre shows in Portugal.

Portugal's 2010 entry is our 3rd all-time favourite from Portugal. Who else deserves to be in our countdown? Let us know what you think and check out or list so far!


Our Top 10 so far:

10. 2009 - "Todas as Ruas do Amor" - Flor de Lis

9. 2014 - "Quero Ser Tua" - Suzy

8. 2005 - "Amar" - 2B

7. 2007 - "Dança comigo (Vem ser feliz)" - Sabrina

6. 1996 - "O meu coração não tem cor" - Lúcia Moniz

5. 1993 - "A cidade (até ser dia)" - Anabela

4. 2017 - "Amar pelos dois" - Salvador Sobral

3. 2010 - "Há dias assim" - Filipa Azevedo

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