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Eurovoxx Live On The Blue Carpet With the Netherlands, Sweden, Serbia And France

Yesterday marked a special night in the Eurovision calendar. The red carpet, or should we say blue was rolled out in spectacular fashion to herald the beginning of Eurovision week. All nations were present, and were officially welcomed by Lisbon, and all walked glamorously down the blue carpet to be met by hoards of press. The event which has now become a tradition at the contest, and gives fans and the press a chance to meet the 2018 Eurovision celebrities. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be part of it, and on the carpet was Andy, Clara, Jess and Tural. The next four countries that got interviewed were Netherlands, Sweden, Serbia and France. Check them out below

The Netherlands

The next artist we were fortunate to speak to was Waylon when he came down the blue carpet. Andy noted straight away that he was the man, and looked cool, we asked how he was enjoying the blue carpet? He told us, "it's something else, it feels good ... it's kind of strange right? It's supposed to be red, but no it feels good". We once again asked if he got nervous, he told us, "I never get nervous... I know what we are doing is good, and I don't feel no nerves". Of the staging he said, "it was different, we are combining a couple of worlds together, bringing something unexpected". Andy, also talked to the backing singers, and asked how they were experiencing the event. They told him, "it's the first experience for us... we are really proud of him, and enjoying the event, It's a really big thing, I cannot imagine it would be such a big thing like this, and the stage the people are so positive...It makes us all so happy". The interview ended with Waylon trying to find his way to the end of the carpet. Good luck Netherlands!!!


Eurovoxx then spoke to Benjamin Ingrosso from Sweden. Andy had to comment on how polite the young star is, to which he said, "Thank You". Of the crazy week, we asked how his nerves were holding up? He told us that, "Pretty good at the moment, I think I will be getting more and more nervous, but that is a good thing". Of the rehearsals we complimented the Swede's on their slick performance, Benjamin was delighted to hear this, and said, "Thank you so much, I just feel so proud and honoured to be hear". At that point he was rushed away. Good Luck Sweden.


Serbia were next, and they were so happy to see Andy once again. The short interview was so much fun. We asked if they were enjoying the blue carpet, to which they all agreed that they were. They liked Andy's idea that if Serbia were to win it this year, Belgrade should have a blue, red and white carpet. Andy said, they were all crazy, to which they shouted, "No" and loved the fact it was his favourite interview. They were so happy with this, and were ecstatic when Andy told everyone to vote for the Serbs this year. The band wanted to thank their designer for the amazing styling. It was very amusing that every time they all get together, Andy is the one that gets interviewed. We wish them all the best. Good Luck Serbia!!!


The team managed to get in a few words with one of this years Eurovision favourites. Madame Monsieur of France were next to grace the blue carpet. We asked how they were feeling as Eurovision week had officially started? They told us, "It's incredible... We didn't expect that, and we have enjoyed every moment". Of the songs, and the fans the duo said, "it does not add pressure, it is joy and great. We are really happy that people can get the message, and the love it is bringing". We then wished them all the best. Good Luck France.

Stay tuned for the next four interviews from the Blue Carpet.

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