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Eurovoxx Live On The Blue Carpet With Norway, Greece, Spain & Portugal

Tonight marked a special night in the Eurovision calendar. The red carpet, or should we say blue was rolled out in spectacular fashion to herald the beginning of Eurovision week. All nations were present, and were officially welcomed by Lisbon, and all walked glamorously down the carpet to be met by hoards of press. The event which has now become a tradition at the contest, and gives fans and the press a chance to meet the 2018 Eurovision celebrities. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be part of it, and on the carpet was Andy, Clara, Jess and Tural. The first four countries that got interviewed were Norway, Greece, Spain and Portugal. Check them out below:


Eurovoxx were very fortunate to speak to Norway's last Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak. Dressed in a turquoise suit he looked the part, and was happy to speak to Andy. He was warmly welcomed back to Eurovision and said, "you know as a Eurovision fan I feel like I am following Eurovision every year. I'm kind of back every year as a fan". We talked of his fan base, and wondered if he felt any extra pressure this year? Alexander replied, "I don't feel pressure because of the fan base... as a returning artist of Eurovision, of course I feel the responsibility. You have the experience.... of course we want to do our best to make people happy. This is the biggest red carpet, or should I say blue carpet". At that point he looked toward the end, and left. Good luck Alexander!!!


Once again, Andy was lucky enough to grab a few moments with Greece's Eurovision star for the year Yianna Terzi. She looked absolutely stunning in her white dress, Andy was even lucky enough , and got a double kiss from the Greek beauty. We asked her about the blue carpet, and she said, "I love blue obviously, and its such an amazing thing. We have the ocean, we have the blue colour. It's all about Greece". She did say she was joking though. She also said, "It's amazing out here, and thank you for your kind words". Off the dress she said, "it was serendipity, and it was picked by my designer". She added rehearsals were going well, "the closer I get the more I feel it in my heart and enjoy it". Of the support she said, "the feedback for the song has been my motivation to be even more exciting". Of the craziness of Eurovision week, she told Andy, "I was expecting it, I am just enjoying it. It doesn't matter if you are tired. You are here for the experience, and you should give it to people". She added it was a once in a life time experience and "you should enjoy it". She sailed through the interview. Good luck Greece!!!


It was Alfred and Amaia's turn to be quizzed on the blue carpet, Andy asked them how the rehearsals were going to which they said, "very nice ... very good, it is special for us to be here". Of the song Andy told them that he could sense the song was a special one, and wanted to know were they feeling the pressure on the stage, "we feel very relaxed, and feeling very comfortable". Andy replied that they both were looking at home on the stage, Alfred said, "being on stage felt like he was at home". They ended the interview by saying, "we love people, want to share our love". We wish Spain all the best, Good Luck Spain !!!


Cláudia Pascoal and Isaura were next to grace the blue carpet, with Andy managing to have a quick chat with both ladies. We welcomed them to the blue carpet, we asked how they were finding this evening, to which Cláudia said, "I am a bit tired on my feet" , they both joked it was long evening , and that Isaura would be the most comfortable girl as she was wearing trainers. They went on to say, "it's such an amazing honour, it really is". Of the final they said, "yes, we are super excited about the rehearsals tomorrow, I am going to be putting on my dress". Claudia loved telling us about her wardrobe, which is where the interview ended. Good luck girls, and good luck Portugal.

Stay tuned for Eurovoxx next four artists that were live on the blue carpet!!!

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