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Eurovoxx Live On The Blue Carpet With Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium And Lithuania

Yesterday marked a special night in the Eurovision calendar. The red carpet, or should we say blue was rolled out in spectacular fashion to herald the beginning of Eurovision week. All nations were present, and were officially welcomed by Lisbon, and all walked glamorously down the blue carpet to be met by hoards of press. The event which has now become a tradition at the contest, and gives fans and the press a chance to meet the 2018 Eurovision celebrities. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be part of it, and on the carpet was Andy, Clara, Jess and Tural. The next four countries that got interviewed were Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium and Lithuania. Check them out below:


Croatia's Frank was next to strut down the blue carpet. There was no doubt this this lady is breathtakingly beautiful. Of the carpet she said, "I love it, great energy, great positive people. Nothing can be better". Of her styling Franka said, "this dress is made my Croatian designers, and my friends... I really like it because it emphasises not only the romantic side of the female, but also the bold ones". She has always wanted to do Eurovision , and of her nerves she is trying to distract herself, and focus on other things. "I can't wait for Tuesday to finally come". Her rehearsals have been epic. The interview ended with Franka giving everyone a quick message of thanks. Good luck Croatia!!!


Another of the fan favourites, Bulgaria were next. This year they are represented by Equinox who could possibly bring the trophy home, after the country narrowly missed out last year. It all started with Andy asking how they were enjoying the blue carpet. They were all suitably amazed, as they had never seen a blue carpet before. They group also gave a little insight into their clothes, and told us who their designers were. Of the Eurovision experience, they said, "it's really exciting, especially being up on that stage for the first time...there were things we wanted to tweak and work out". They emphasised the message is love, and how it should be spread. Equinox also said they loved the support, and worked hard. The interview ended with them giving Eurovoxx viewers a special message. Good luck Bulgaria!!!


Belgium was next. Sennek really looked the part on the blue carpet. In a very unusual move she commented on Andy's microphone, and was very knowledgeable about it. She embarrassed Andy by saying it was made in Australia. The star looked so comfortable on the carpet, and was very playful. She commented that it was, "hot", and told us a little about her outfit. Sennek rocked it, and was the only female, not to be wearing a dress. She really did stand out. The interview ended there. Good luck Belgium!!!


Ieva for Lithuania was next. She looked stunning, and was dizzy and fun. So far in the rehearsals the Lithuanian star had been barefoot, but for tonight's long blue carpet she did wear her best shoes. Of the experience she told us, "the weather is perfect here, and people are very beautiful, and very happy to be here". Of the reactions to the song Ieva told Andy, "it inspires me a lot to do my performance better". Eurovoxx thinks she will do very well for Lithuania. Eurovoxx would like to wish her, and Lithuania the best of luck!!!

Stay tuned for the next four interviews from the blue carpet.

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