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Eurovoxx Live On The Blue Carpet With Albania, Armenia, Austria And Azerbaijan

Yesterday marked a special night in the Eurovision calendar. The red carpet, or should we say blue was rolled out in spectacular fashion to herald the beginning of Eurovision week. All nations were present, and were officially welcomed by Lisbon, and all walked glamorously down the blue carpet to be met by hoards of press. The event which has now become a tradition at the contest, and gives fans and the press a chance to meet the 2018 Eurovision celebrities. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be part of it, and on the carpet was Andy, Clara, Jess and Tural. The next four countries that got interviewed were Albania, Armenia, Austria and Azerbaijan. Check them out below.


Andy went all fan boy again, as his favourite artist, Eugent Bushpepa was next down the blue carpet. He was officially first down the carpet, and told Andy that, "I'm a bit nervous, but I think things are going down the right direction... I'm very happy to be here, and have my band with me". Andy loved the styling of the band, and Eugent introduced his band to us. Of the semi final he told us that, "we are ready, and steady... lets see what happens, we are willing to give our maximum... we are looking forward to it". The interview ended with Andy telling Eugent if he won, he would get the Albanian flag tattooed on his arm. Good Luck Albania!!!


Servak for Armenia was next down the carpet. Wearing a red suit, he certainly looked the part. He told us, "I am very impressed, I am having a wonderful time here, and thank you so much to the organisers for all of this". We said that we love the song, because it is in Armenian, authentic and honest, Servak said, "it was very important for me at the beginning to sing in Armenian, it is a big responsibility, and I am very happy to be here. I am proud to represent my country". Of the semi finals, and his nerves, the Armenian told us, "I am calm, I am not nervous, I am ready to go on stage, I am ready to deliver my message". The interview ended there. We wish Armenia the best of luck!!!


Cesar Sampson from Austria was next in the firing line. We commented on the suit, and how he was rocking the blue carpet. He told us, "it was made for me, I don't have that much of a fashion sense, but I have someone very talented doing all my costumes". Of the event Cesar said, "Now it's on, the opening ceremony is the kick off, and I am feeling really good about it". He told us that his nerves weren't getting the better of him, and that he did in actual fact look so cool, and laid back. Of the pressure, the Austrian stated, "this is what I do, this is why I am relaxed". Eurovoxx supports Austria, and he gave our viewers a very special message. Good luck Austria!!!


Next up was Azerbaijan beauty AISEL who looked amazing on stage. She told us, "I feel amazing, the weather is very nice, and there is beautiful people". Of the pressure of Eurovision week AISEL told us that, "I am feeling little bit nervous, and exciting, but I am trying to put the emotions the right way". The show is opened by her to which she said it was a huge honour , and responsibility. It is the singers second time in the country, but she loves Lisbon, and is hoping after the first semi final to have more time to see the wonderful city. She gave Eurovoxx a quick message for supporting her. Good Luck Azerbaijan!!

Stay tuned for the next four interviews from the Blue Carpet

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