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Number 10 | A countdown of Portugal's best at Eurovision

May 7, 2018


In celebration of Portugal hosting Eurovision for the first time, we here at Eurovoxx have voted for our all-time favourite entries from the island nation. Taking part in Eurovision since 1964, Portugal have an extensive back catalogue of songs with many wonderful entries and a few that were a bit less than wonderful. Without further ado, let's commence our countdown with the entry we placed 10th, from 2009, it's "Todas as Ruas do Amor" by Flor-de- Lis.  


"Todas as Ruas do Amor" was written by Paulo Pereira and Pedro Marques. The songs title translates as "all the steets of love". The song is in the Portuguese folk style but sung in a contemporary way.


Flor de Lis is a folk music group consisting of Daniela Varela, José Camacho and Pedro Marques. Although they were formed in 2001, the group was relatively unknown before deciding to take part in Festival da Canção. Speaking to Eurovision.tv, Daniela Varela said "We were unknown for the people, so we get many letters today from bands and new artists who say 'You gave me hope'".


At Festival da Canção, Flor de Lis received top marks from the juries and came in second with televoters, winning them the ticket to Moscow.


At Eurovision, Flor de Lis competed in the first semi final. In their semi final, Portugal received douze points from Andorra and 10 points from Switzerland. Portugal received a total of 70 points, putting them in 8th place and qualifying them for the final for the second year in a row. At the final, Portugal received 57 points, placing them in 15th overall.


After Eurovision, Flor de Lis toured Portugal and recorded the album, Signo Solar. As well as the Portuguese influence, the album has more of a world music sound, heavily influenced by fado and tango. 



Speaking to Eurovision Radio International in 2013, Daniela said "Flor de Lis is very good, we have lot's of concerts, we are recording our second album, we have our own studio now." 


So the 2009 entry from Portugal receives the number ten spot. Who else do you expect to see in our countdown? Leave a comment and let us know!


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