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'We've Run Naked In The Snow'- Eurovoxx Talks To AWS

They are the band that are causing quite a stir this year, as Hungary have decided the heavy rock band, AWS are their representatives in Lisbon this year, n a bid to try and win the Eurovision crown for the first time. The five piece band who have been wowing their fans, and the press alike with their song "Viszlát nyár", took five minutes out to talk to our girl in Lisbon, Clara. Very mischieivous, and jovial as ever, here is what they had to say. Please check out the interview below:

Clara started the interview by telling the guys that she really liked their first rehearsal. They seemed to really appreciate the compliment. However, on the vocals they did admit that it was not 100%, and that they feel like they needed to practice some more. As it was the first time the band performed on the stage, they believed that is the reason why the performance looked, and sounded better the second time round. "It's getting better, and better every time", they exclaimed, and "that the stage is our home for us".

The band also work collectively on writing songs too. Clara wanted to find out if it was just one member of the group that was responsible for this. AWS told her that, "everyone in our band is a songwriter. I made the lyrics, then we put everything together. It's like a very tasty soup for us". Clara then went on to ask what was the bit they enjoyed the most. Was it the creative side of the song, putting it together, or performing it on stage? They told us, "Both.... that is the direct answer".

As the interview was a short one, Eurovoxx thought that a few fun questions would go down well. The first one was to ask what was the craziest thing they had ever done? AWS being the band that they are, have done a few, with Clara understanding that it would be a long list. However, they told us, "singing in the Eurovision song contest", however, "as a twelve year old band, so we made everything as crazy as you can imagine". They did admit to stage diving on the tour bus, and running in the snow naked. These were the things we could broadcast, and are kind of legal without getting them into trouble. Clara admitted so had she, and they were happy enough for her to be the sixth member of the group.

The second fun question that Eurovoxx were to ask is what their most annoying habits were? We were told speaking a lot, and that some of the memories are not as good as they used to be, with one or two members being that little bit forgetful. Late and being grumpy were other habits that the band also admitted too. Although, there were no signs of this in the interview.

The interview appropriately ended with a song, with everyone singing, and declaring that "I will always love you". The team would like to wish AWS the best of luck, in their semi final. The alternative Eurovision song this year should do well. Stay tuned for more news live from Lisbon.

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