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'The Feeling On Stage Empowers Me' - Eurovoxx Talks To Ari Ólafsson

This year Iceland are pinning their hopes on 19 year old Ari Ólafsson to help the country qualify for its first final in years. The singer who's song "Our Choice" is a heart felt ballad, has really embraced the whole Eurovision experience, and been present at all the pre-parties, and been genuinely humble by meeting all his new found fans. In several days time we will know if he succeeded. At the moment Ari is enjoying his time in Lisbon. Wearing his Icelandic football top, he was more than happy to speak to Clara. Just like the football team, can he emulate the success for his country. This is what he had to say. Please check the interview below.

Ari had just performed his second rehearsal, and Clara wanted to know if there had been any changes from his first. "We did some slight changes, just the act is developing at such a good rate, and everything is developing up". He told us that the feeling on stage empowers him too, and a result he now feels more confident than his first rehearsal, and that he cannot wait to perform on Tuesday.

He is a talented singer, and always manages to hit the vey high note every time. Clara wanted to know, "How"? Ari laughed and told us that the team had being going through several different techniques, and that it is, "practice". Of the stage, and 'that suit', he told us he is happy with it all, but he had not been in the viewing room to see it properly yet. However, he loves the suit, and added that the stylist that Iceland has this year is very good.

Of the staging, and his influence on it Ari told Clara that he had been in discussions with his team, "but all this goes to the director, and song writer". Ari loves Spain, and been there many times. Clara who is completely unbiased agreed that it was an amazing place , especially Valencia (her home town). The young singer reminisced of his timing there, and how much he loved the place, and that he has to go again.

The singer was so relaxed when he was talking to Clara, and couldn't resist in telling her the story of when he went sky diving in Bulgaria, and how dangerous he thought the plane was. He was excitable in telling the story of the red button in the plane that they were not allowed to touch. In doing so would have meant the pilot would have been ejected from the plane. We feel Eurovision is probably a more scary experience for him.

We also learnt that he was a man of many talents. He showed us his best Spanish, and Italian accent. Clara was suitably impressed, as he seemed to get hers spot on. This maybe the next Eurovoxx challenge, to get the acts to do different accents.

We asked him if he wasn't singing, "Our Choice", which other song from this year he would sing? Ari exclaimed, "Can I pick two? So I would love to do the Danish song, because that is hitting the Icelandic core, the Viking. I love it because it goes to the high sea. It's a really nice. Then I would love to do the Albanian song... It's a really good song. He is such an amazing singer, and his falsetta is amazing". Ari went on to add when he came home from the London pre-party he was going over all the songs, "and I heard this Albanian song... I immediately was oh yes, it's a great song. There are so many songs in this competition that are just put on my playlist".

The interview ended with Ari really proving he could sing. He sang a little of "Mall" and was able to hit all those notes. This guy is super talented, and can clearly perform. Ari is a wonderful ambassador for Iceland, and for a nineteen year old is very humble and respectful. Good luck Iceland!! We hope to see you in the final.

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