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'Let's Get A Tattoo Together' - Euovoxx Talks To Mikolas Josef

This was the one we had been waiting for. Eurovoxx were lucky enough to be able to interview the Czech Republic's Eurovision entrant this year, Mikolas Josef. He is currently one of the favourites with the bookies, and the polls, and his rehearsals are in full swing. The young artist who's entry "Lie To Me" is more or less guaranteed to bring the Czech Republic their best ever Eurovision result. Earlier in the week, Mikolas suffered a set back when he injured his back during his first rehearsal. Now he is fighting fit, and was more than happy to speak to Clara. Wearing a white shirt, and his trademark glasses, this is what he had to say to us. Please check the interview below:

Clara had to be part of the 'cool' and put her specs on, so it felt like they were looking through the same eyes. The interview was so casual, with the pair talking about Lisbon, and how much they were admiring the view. Both were slightly unhappy that they were just metres away from the water, and that they couldn't enjoy it. Clara was quick to compliment Mikolas, and his team in regards to the staging, and how the lighting looked so well, and went with the vibe. He told us that, "you know, it was a massive change from the first rehearsal. We gave so much feedback to the guys that they were like snowed under with feed back from us, and I think they did a great job". Mikolas told us that they wanted the staging to imitate the music video, and it is so much closer to that now. He exclaimed that, "I am really happy with the way it went". However, the young singer does not like the fact he is being held back on the more physical aspects of the performance.

Clara told him that the flow of the performance and staging was really good, Mikolas appreciated the compliment and told us that, "perfect, yeah there were about twelve proposals on how to do the staging that we were deciding, and this one we really felt the best, and let's just hope it works for the real thing". The team really believes that it will, as it looks so professional.

Eagle eyed viewers would spot that during the second rehearsals, there was one dancer missing. This was because he was doing some exams, he has had to fly all the way back to the Czech Republic to take them, and be back in time for the semi finals. "We wish you luck buddy", Mikolas told his friend. Of the team there are two brothers on stage, "they call themselves the MENSA brothers". The one that is missing is an artist, he is a painter and designer, he does crazy stuff. The other is an orthodox B-Boy. He explained that he creates improvisation, and is crazy. Mikolas told Clara that there are also backing vocalists, which you do not see on stage. The young singer said if the song goes to the final, the team may consider bringing them on to the stage to give the song more impact.

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We wanted to find out more about the singer, and asked what was the latest TV series he had watched? If in actual fact he had chance too. He told us, "Game of Thrones actually... I am not so much time for TV series... I am always afraid if I watch a series, I will get hooked". If he could change lives with someone, he told us that it would be "Beyoncé" or "someone who has nothing to do with the music industry and completely switch off for a day, I would see the world from a no musicians perspective".

We wanted to know more about his tattoo's, he explained a lot of them were related to music, and some had specific memories of people he used to know. Clara was quick off the mark and persuaded him that both should get a tattoo, Mikolas agreed. It has been recorded, and he has to stick to his word now.

The interview ended with them both smiling, and agreeing that they should both get a tattoo together. Mikolas is such a fantastic ambassador for the Czech Republic. We know regardless of his result, this young, talented artist is destined for big things. "See you in the final Mikolas".

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