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'I Was Tattooing Myself With A Sewing Needle' - Eurovoxx Talks To Eugent Bushpepa

This year Albania were the first to chose their entry and artist. In December 2017 Eugent Bushpepa won the right to represent Albania at this years Eurovision Song Contest with his song, "Mall". He was present for the Eurovision in Concert Amsterdam, and put himself in the running to be a serious contender at this years competition. He has gained a plethora of fans, and his powerful vocals should surely make him qualify for the grand final with ease. To anyone who knows Andy, there will be no doubt in their minds that this is his favourite song, and may we add ever. Andy was a proper "fan boy" and had the honour of interviewing Eugent after his rehearsals. This is what he had to say. Check the interview below:

The interview began with Eugent telling us that he was very well, and "we did minor tweaks with the lights from the first we were pretty confident, we liked everything we saw and was perfect". Talking of the first rehearsal, Andy admitted that the Albanian singer had knocked it out of the park, and was being a "fan boy" again. Again, he told us that they wanted the elements of the song, complimented with the lighting that's why there were minor adjustments, and the team wanted to "keep it simple".

Andy asked Eugent if he had seen any of the feedback from the press and fans, he told Eurovoxx that, "I try to keep away, I'm not so much into social media, but as soon as the guy that is helping me with my social media, he is going to deliver the messages for me, and let me know, and I deliver it back.... I don't read all the comments back because I don't want to be influenced by it". We did tell the Albanian star, that it had all been positive that our team in Lisbon has seen. This brought smiles to Eugent.

Due to a problem with obtaining a visa for London, Eugent's first promo tour was to make it to Amsterdam for the pre party. However, things turned around for the singer as he seemed to have set the stage on fire with his performance. "It was a smart move to go there, now it is considered a smart move because I was there to have some fun with the other singers... I'm happy about this". He told us that Amsetrdam and Madrid were great events, but he enjoyed meeting all the artists.

Eugent is very humble, and said his aim is not to get to the final, but, "I just want to express myself the best way possible... if it happens, it happens, if not I am happy to take part in this contest, and wave my flag, and represent my country the best way possible". The whole team at Eurovoxx believes he is doing a great job, and a fantastic ambassador for the country.

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Some of the notes that the artist sings, are very high. Andy wanted to know how he kept them rested, or managed to get them finely tuned. Eugent told us that, "I have to rest, and do warm ups that are a bit odd to hear. It's strange. I need to train them It is a bit like an athlete training". He said it was not always fun as he couldn't have beer, and has to stick to water to lubricate those vocal chords. "This guy deserves a drink" is what Andy said, which got smiles all around from the Albanian team.

Eurovoxx changed the line of questioning, and wanted to know more about the talented singer. He couldn't answer us last time, but was pressed again about his annoying habits. He explained he is figity, which causes calluses on his hands. It's a weird habit he told us. Of his craziest thing he has ever done, he told us that, "I am a simple guy, doing my first tattoo by myself when I was like 14 years old. I was there by myself listening to heavy metal... I was tattooing myself with a sewing needle". That sounds extremely painful. He told us that he loves tattoo's and is always looking forward to getting more. Eugent was trying to convince our very own Andy to get one, which may happen if the Albanian singer suggests it.

Andy then asked about musical influences, and we were told that AC/DC, "I cannot mention one song that I do not like from that band.... it is a great band, very rhythmic.... I always do one or two songs of their songs in my gigs". Eurovoxx really want to see more of these covers.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting to Eugent, he is a fantastic ambassador for Albania. The whole team wishes him the vest best when he performs, and hope to see him in the final. Good Luck!!!

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