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'I Save A Lot Of Animals' - Eurovoxx Talks To AISEL

Azerbaijan have somewhat a special record when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest. Since they first participated, they have always qualified for the Grand Final, been top 10 on numerous occasions, and even won it back in 2010. This year AISEL has the honour of representing her country at Lisbon, and hopefully continuing that 100% qualification record. Her song, "X My Heart" surprised many, in a positive way, and in doing so she has won herself many more fans. Wearing a white suit, she was suited and booted for our interview. The young singer was elegant, and more than happy to talk to Andy. This is what she had to say. Please check the interview below:

We started by asking how her second rehearsal went, AISEL told us that, "it was good, it went better of course, because i'm getting more used to the stage, I am getting more comfortable. I feel more confident. We had some changes with the lights and nothing more". Andy acknowledged that a lot of the acts are currently doing this, and that it is so important to get it correct. The talented singer could not help but agree with this. He also noted she looked more confident to which she told us that, "you know the sound was amazing, incredible and important to me as a musician. The second for me was the stage was very cosy, small and comfortable". She told us not wearing shoes during her performance made her feel stronger, and more relaxed.

A lot of fans were surprised with the song and staging, Andy enquired, and wanted to know more. The Azerbaijan singer told us that, "as you hear it is a nice and positive song with an uplifting effect, that makes you more happy, positive. It's about the power that every person has inside. You see the mountains on the stage, and metaphorically it means, you believe in yourself. You can be on the top of the mountains. So that is a message about the song". She told us its a song about everyone, and everyone should be able to connect with it. There's a lot of difficulties, and negative messages, and this song does the opposite of that.

Visually too, it is spectacular, and a huge honour for Azerbaijan to be opening the competition this year with "X My Heart". She is told us that this was exciting, and it was an honour to do this. We also wanted to know if she had heard any reactions to the rehearsals. AISEL told us she didn't have time, however, "I think that the feedback is more positive for the second rehearsal because everyone comments that she feels more confident". The Azerbaijan singer had to say the first time she saw the stage she was frightened by it.

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Andy commented on the growing Azerbaijan musical scene, and the importance of representing her home nation. Andy wanted to know what it meant to her. The talented singer told us, "this year we are celebrating ten years of Azerbaijan singing at the Eurovision song contest. For me it is a huge honour for me... it is a huge event, and a new experience as a pop singer ... I love my song, and feel my song... the lyrics of the songs have connections with me". There is a difference to her usual musical genre, however she reiterated this would not be a problem, and even though it's a new experience for her, she does truly embrace it. There is no doubt the different styles that the singer has, works really well.

Again, we had to turn the questions to the more personal and fun ones. Andy asked AISEL what she thought her most annoying habits would be? it took a member of her team to tell us that, "she loves to be on her phone all the time", which is something we are all guilty off. She also told us that she likes to eat food at night. She is a woman after our heart as she likes her chocolate, and sweets. So does half of Eurovoxx team.

The final question we had for the singer, is what is the craziest thing that she has done? "I save a lot of animals, and dogs in my life... I did crazy things over the animals because I love them a lot". She admitted, she did a lot of things in her life.

AISEL is a very lovely , and charming lady. Eurovoxx were so lucky to speak to her, and hope that she qualifies from semi final one. Good luck to AISEL and Azerbaijan.

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