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'I Talk Too Much' - Eurovoxx Interviews Franka

Last year Croatia qualified for the grand final when Jacques Houdak gave a stunning performance of his song, "My Friend". This year the Balkan nation has given Franka the honour of representing them at the Eurovision Song Contest. The absolutely stunning singer will sing her song "Crazy" next week in the bid for Eurovision glory. She is proving to be a force to reckon with, as her rehearsals have gone down well, and she could well be the dark horse of the competition. Wearing a grey jacket, and looking very elegant she was more than happy to be interviewed by Eurovoxx team leader Andy. Check the interview below:

She has been driving us all "crazy" since her first rehearsal. The beautiful singer had told us that she was happy that she was in Lisbon, and that it had been a hectic day meeting all the press. However, "I love people, I love talking to people, so it's relaxing for me". Franka told us that the experience was much different than she expected, and that she was enjoying it. She added, "I like it much more than I thought I would, so its wonderful". This can clearly be seen in her body language. The gorgeous singer is certainly all smiles over her Eurovision experience.

The team read that it had always been a big dream of hers to go to Eurovision, and pressed her on this. Franka told Andy, "It's been a big dream of mine to perform at Eurovision, so just standing on that stage for the first rehearsal was amazing. It was a victory for me, and I am so happy and fulfilled, and I feel good now". This is clearly evident.

Andy was reluctant to ask her how her first rehearsal went, as she seemed to look so at home on that stage. Franka found this amusing, and said, "I felt like that. I seriously felt so good. It was a big surprise for me. You are always nervous on how the first rehearsal is going to go but It went so good I.... don't have anything bad to say. We will do a few little tweaks with the lights... it just fell into place".

We told her that in the press centre the reaction to the performance was huge, and it was mainly down to the vocals, and that they were so on point. The Croatian entrant once again laughed, and said, "thank you, yeah I mean when you feel the song, and you just get connected to the song, then everything is good. It can't go wrong, you can't sing it wrong. So I really love the song, and I stand behind the song at every moment, and I feel good singing it, and that's important. To feel comfortable in the song".

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The song is penned by Frank herself, Andy asked her how important that was to her. She told us that, "it's amazing" and joked that, "you can't get the lyrics wrong". The singer went on to say, "it feels very good, I feel proud of the song, what we did, and the lyrics are great. I love it, because I got inspired by the melody itself. It's about know when you fall in love everything is perfect, blossoming, flowers.... then it gets bad, and you get crazy about the guy, and maybe he is not that crazy about you. Then you are all in love again, and then bad again". She told us it was about the circle, life, and love get crazy.

Franka is dating a very famous footballer, and Andy had to tease and say she was doing the musical version of the world cup. She added, "it's true, Eurovision is very big in Croatia. Everybody is watching it, and there is a lot of expectation, and pressure, so it is definitely like a musical version of the World Cup".

Of the reaction of the fans not only in Croatia, but Europe wide, the singer told us that it was amazing. She was left speechless by all the positive comments that people were writing about her. Seemingly this is adding a little pressure as she doesn't want to disappoint. However, she is "happy, and thankful". The team believe that Franka has nothing to worry about there.

The team, always likes to get to know the participants a bit more personal, and had to ask Franka what she though her most annoying habit is. She told us, "I talk to much. it always annoys people, I have to remind myself Franka enough is enough, and now you have to stop talking because you are going to get everyone crazy". We added she needed to keep that voice relaxed for her performance. We would genuinely be very happy if she continued talking to us for hours.

Relating to the song title, and Eurovision we finally asked her what the most craziest thing she has done. "I've done a lot of things", she told us. "when I was 15 I got into an audition for Croatia idol, and I faked the date of my birth, because I was supposed to be 16, but I wrote another year". However, it was well worth it, as a star was born.

This is where our interview ended. All the team love Franka and wish her the very best of luck in her semi final. We know she can do it. "You Go Girl".

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