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Garden party at the Romanian Embassy in Portugal!

As we are getting closer to the semi finals, and the final of the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, we see many talented artists creating networks and developing friendships, and this is one of the most beautiful aspects of the contest. Today, we take a look at the garden party organised by TVR, the Romanian broadcaster, and the Romanian Embassy in Portugal with The Humans, putting Romania's entry for this year in the spotlight. The sunny weather was perfect for some live music and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Among the approximately 300 guests, there were official ambassadors from countries like France, Israel, Germany or Sweden, fado artist Paulo Bragança, but, most importantly, Eurovision delegations from Ukraine, Moldova, Montenegro, San Marino, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. However not all artists were present. Together with members of the Romanian community and outstanding Romanian personalities in Portugal, the party was a great success in which artists like Yianna Terzi, Jessika and Jenifer Brening, DoReDos, Christabelle, and, of course, The Humans, performed and had some fun, as you can see in the pictures below!

This year Romania will be represented by the Humans with their song, "Goodbye". They will compete in the second semi final which will be held on the 10th May 2018. Since they have joined the contest they have been one of the few countries to actually qualify for each grand final. Can the country continue this impressive run this year. Stay tuned to find out.

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