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'If Someone Says You're A Funny Guy, That's The Most Important Thing". Eurovoxx Tal

Last year Montenegro chose internally, and decided to send Slavko to Kyiv in the hope of qualifying to the grand final. This year the national broadcaster for the Balkan state held a national final that saw the public, and juries decide that Vanja Radovanovic would be the countries choice to Lisbon. The talented singer will be singing his ethnic ballad "Inje" in the hope of being in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest next Saturday. Not wearing his trademark blue jacket, the young performer was interviewed by Jess, who was more than happy finding out more about Montenegro this year. Check the interview below:

The mood was very relaxed, with both Jess and Vanja were smiling lots during the interview. Jess started by asking how Vanja was getting on today, to which he said, "it's really nice, i'm enjoying it very much". Jess had to ask about the rehearsal and how it went for him and his team. Vanja answered casually by stating, "I don't know, I don't care about it.... it's not important what I think, It's important what other people think". Quite a noble sentiment, and at least this way it takes some of the pressure off.

Next Jess asked him if he was confident and comfortable on the stage. Vanja told her that he was, "the first rehearsal is all about that, and the technicalities come later on, you just want to go on stage and feel is it the right place for you... We all felt comfortable!". That was definitely good, and the whole team could see that he was.

Jess had to ask the question about the outfit. Vanja erupted into a big smile and said, "No", showing that not everything is to serious. However, he did say, "the idea was to make it a little bit like a fairytale, like the video was, it's a bit like Disney world or something like that". However, he is not sure whether or not his team got it right. The jury is definitely out on that one. However, Jess did think he had.

It's not all work, the Montenegro artists told Eurovoxx that he had the chance to see Lisbon yesterday, and that the next couple of days, the team will tour the city. He did accept Jess' offer that she would like to tag along. He was reminded that he was a very funny guy, his answer confirmed that, "actually I care about it the most, I don't care about music, and staging, and everything it's not so important... If someone says you're a funny guy that's the most important thing".

He only had the one joke, which he gave in the press centre, he told us, "I don't have an act , they said do one joke and that's it, now I have to make something up". He promised to give another joke next time he saw Jess, they both shook on it so it has to happen now.

The interview ended as it started with smiles, and lots of fun. Vanja waved to the camera, and to the Eurovoxx viewers. The team would like to wish him all the very best in the semi finals, and hopes that this cracking song qualifies. Good luck Vanja!!!!

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