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SuRie Releases Sign Language Version Of Storm

Just when you think SuRie has done it all, she comes back and does something even more amazing. This time to the delight of many of her fans, the British singer has today released a sign language version of her Eurovision hit, "Storm". Since she won the right to become the United Kingdom's ambassador, SuRie has impressed many at home and abroad. Proving once and for all why she is the perfect choice to be the UK's Eurovision representative.

Earlier this morning, the BBC released the three minute video on it's website, and YouTube channel which has amassed well over a thousand views. The comments seem to reflect the general love that people have for her, with comments saying, "I can't contain how much I love SuRie. She is a wonderful person", and "SuRie is amazing. I'm going to make sure I vote for her. I love this song". By doing this, she is appealing to everybody, and displays compassion, and proving Eurovision is for everybody. Check out the video below:

Since she was chosen back in May, the young singer has really taken the competition seriously, and taken it to her heart. She has done lots of press, and the pre-parties winning fans along the way. Her professionalism has shone through, even when the negative comments on how "Eurovision is political", and "everyone hates the UK" have been fired her way. SuRie has managed to brush this all aside, and answer with a smile, and positivity. The United Kingdom has clearly found the perfect ambassador this year.

This version is one of many different released of "Storm", and the British singer has proved she can turn her hand to pretty much anything. Last month during Eurovision in Concert Amsterdam she stepped right up and learnt the French song, "Mercy" last minute due to Emilie Satt falling ill. She even won praise from the French media who were impressed with her ability to sing, and perform the song at such short notice.

SuRie will soon fly to Lisbon to rehearse her song, which we expect to climb in the betting odds. If she performs as she has done lately, the young singer could pull out a few surprises next Saturday. All the team at Eurovoxx would like to her the vest best of luck. "You Go Girl."

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