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"We Have One Crazy Moment" - Eurovoxx Talks To Jessika Ft Jenifer Brening

Last year San Marino threatened to withdraw from the contest, due its failed qualification attempt to the Grand Final. However, the small micro state got into the spirit of all things Eurovision, and decided to come back. This year, they upped their game, in a bid to do well in the competition. SMTV decided to hold a national final that gave everyone across the world an opportunity to enter, and have a chance to be San Marino's next Eurovision stars. The ultimate winners this year were Jessika Ft Jenifer Brening. Both girls bring two talented voices, but also charm and charisma. Andy and Clara from Team Eurovoxx spoke to them yesterday, and this is what they had to say. Please check the interview below:

The team started the interview by congratulating the girls on a solid and stellar performance. On stage they were accompanied by robots. Andy needed to know where we could get one from. They said that with the sponsorship of the song came the robots. They are hoping to take one home each after the contest. On stage Jessika got a marriage proposal from one of the robots, she giggled and said her boyfriend probably wouldn't like that. Being a replaced by a robot wouldn't be exactly be his thing.

When asked how the rehearsals went? Jenifer said, "It was great, we were actually really looking forward to it, she (Jessika) went nuts, I don't know why but she was sitting there being crazy and doing moves". Jessika added, "yeah, I kissed the stage, I was wohohoho (bowing down)". Jenifer joked that no-one had cleaned the stage, so there may have been a whole load of bacteria down there. However, they did admit it was an amazing experience, and tried to take it all in, and imagine the stadium to be full of people.

We told the duo that after their performance, they had gotten the biggest applause that morning in the press centre. They loved it, and said, "Wow, that's amazing". Jessika added that, "they wouldn't expect something from a tiny country to get something a bit more original, something different, and out of the box.... I think in general, you can't make everyone happy, so there will be both positive and negative comments, but we are happy, and hope people will get to vote for us".

Check Out Eurovoxx Reaction To The First Rehearsal Here:

The robots, and the fact the song is very cute may work to San Marino's advantage as it may stand out. Jessika said, "We hope it does because the message of the song is about being authentic, and being unique. Well actually robots have not been on stage, the Eurovision stage ever, but it is something unique, and it's the message of our song. We want us to be unique... it's good each and every person is unique". Jennifer added, "they (robots) have various meanings, just like the song".

Andy then took the girls back to a previous interview that Eurovoxx had with them, and wanted to know about a crazy moment in their life. Jenifer stuck to her guns, and still couldn't think of an instance. However, Jessika added, "we have had one crazy moment", she started to laugh and said, "when you slipped on your shoe and it fell off". Jenifer said at the London pre-party her shoes were too big for her, and as she was jumping around, her shoe slipped , and she landed on my butt.

The interview ended with smiles on everyone's faces. The whole team would like to wish the duo, and San Marino the best of luck in next weeks Semi Final. If the press reaction is anything to go by, a second qualification is on the cards. Good luck girls!!!

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