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Mikolas Josef All Set To Return To The Eurovision Stage

On Sunday Mikolas Josef had his first rehearsal of his Eurovision entry, "Lie To Me", although an energetic performance, it didn't go as expected as he suffered quite a serious back injury. He was quick to keep the press and fans updated, and was quite active on his social media accounts keeping everyone informed. He was hospitalised for a day while scans were run. However, although sore , the talented singer will be back tomorrow for his second rehearsal.

On his Instagram account he posted his thanks to the fans, and all the support he had gotten from the Eurovision community. He has received several scans, and been given the all clear, and is free to perform tomorrow. Although, the Eurovoxx team are expecting the acrobatics to be toned down a little.

In his earlier Instagram post he said,

The Czech delegation also reiterated that the choreography would have to be toned down a bit in order to give the young star a chance to recover. This is something his backing singers could possibly take charge off.

Throughout his first rehearsal he did gain praise of many fans who saw his performance, as exciting and energetic Certainly, in the lead up to Lisbon he has been one of the favourites and remains tipped to give the Czech Republic its best result at the competition to date.

The whole team wishes Mikolas the very best of health, and luck. It is clear he will be in the final, and one to watch.

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