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How Graham Norton Believes Saara Aalto Is The One To Watch In Lisbon

This year the competition is more exciting than ever. With such a diverse, mixed bag of entries at the contest in Lisbon, it is difficult to pick an exact winner. All attention has been on Israel this year, who have been, and are still clear favourites with the bookies. However, the commentator for the United Kingdom Graham Norton has waded in, and believes that Saara Aalto and her entry, "Monsters" is the song to beat this year.

This year will be his 10th anniversary of providing the commentary for the UK, since he took over the reigns from the legend that was Terry Wogan back in 2009. Even he is happy with the standard this year, as he explains that the quality is, "quite high". He also said that, "Everyone's favourite right now is Israel, and it is terrific, but I think Saara Aalto for Finland might do very well". High praise indeed for the man who sees the contest through with a large drink in his hand.

Of SuRie and the UK chances he does state that he believes her to do well, and that the weight of the nation in a, "safe pair of hands". The song has been doing well on the circuit with many singing along with it at the pre parties, going to show it is a catchy anthemic number.

Unfortunately, the UK odds currently are not in SuRie's favour, but as it is Eurovision, anything can happen. The song is catchy, and she does have charm, charisma and a cracking voice that will hopefully resonate with Europe's voting public.

Of Eurovision in general, Graham said, "You can never predict what is going to happen.... it is normally only obvious who might win on the night itself, and sometimes it is only when the voting starts that it becomes clear".

Saara should do well with the British public, as she is already a well established star in the United Kingdom after coming second on the X Factor UK, several years ago. She has a fantastic song, and the fan base. Hopefully this will transpire into votes.

Whatever happens this year, it is clear that it will be a very close race to the top spot. With so many different and strong songs this year, have you decided your favourite? Do you agree with Graham? Please tell us your opinions in the comments below.

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