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Eurovision 2018 | Day 4: Round 2 of the second semi finalists first rehearsals continue!

It's day 4 at the Altice Arena and it's time for the second semi finalists to continue on with their first rehearsals.


Opening the second half of the second semi final are Iriao from Georgia. Looking very smart all dressed up in their suits, Iriao bring a touch of class to the contest. The 3 singers are all standing in the middle with their keyboardist and guitarist either side of them.

Despite the staging being rather simple, the camera angles help to create some diversity to their performance. Iriao's vocals are very strong, and their harmonies especially are coming across really well on stage.


Gromee and Lukas Meijer are bringing a bit of an Ibiza vibe to the Lisbon stage! Their staging is similar to how it was at the national final with Lukas singing at the front of the stage while Gromee is giving us some seriously cool dance moves in his DJ booth at the back of the stage. They have pyrotechnics in their performance that help to bring a little something extra to the whole performance.

They are joined on stage by 3 backing vocalists, one of whom is Gromee's wife! Lukas was delivering strong vocals and his voice works very well with that of their backing vocalists.


Christabelle came on stage strong and confident, ready to spread her message! Christabelle delivered a strong vocal performance overall and they improved as the rehearsals went on.

Christabelle has kept a similar staging concept to what we saw at the national final. At the beginning of her performance, she is surrounded by 4 panels with very striking visuals both inside and out, before stepping out to the front of the stage. Towards the end of the performance, she is joined on stage by a female dancer, who is surrounded by the 4 visual panels.

Christabelle has very good stage presence and manages to get the message of her song across to the audience very well, both with her individual performance of the song and with all the visuals coming up on the stage, including the dancer.


AWS are in the house! They can be seen running around the stage and crowd surfing, alongside performing of course. AWS bring something completely different to the contest this year with their hard rock song, and performance.

Vocally, AWS sounded very strong on stage and the lead singer appeared to have no problem in belting out the song over and over again. The lighting on stage is very visually striking and works perfectly with the style of the song.

The lead singer can be seen making great use of the stage; for the majority of the performance he is singing towards the front of the stage before running around the stage and onto the bridge walkway. The remaining members of the band can all be seen singing and playing their instruments behind the lead singer, occupying the back part of the stage.

So that's it for the first round of rehearsals on day 4! Don't forget to Subscribe to our YouTube channel EuroVoxx to hear what we thought of the rehearsals!


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