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Eurovision 2018 | Day 4: The last 5 semi finalists take to the stage for their first rehearsal!

So the first rehearsals of all the semi finalists has nearly come to an end. *insert sad face emoji* Let's see how they did!


Laura Rizzotto is standing alone on stage, in a beautiful red dress and she has kept her staging the same as it was in the national final, with all focus being on Laura herself. Laura is giving us some dance moves, similar to what we have seen at the national final and in her official music video. Her vocals are very good and she looks very confident and comfortable up on stage.


Sweden has brought a touch of Melodifestivalen to the Eurovision stage! Benjamin has kept his staging the same as it was at Melodifestivalen, with very striking and visually pleasing light panels behind him as he moves around the stage. Benjamin oozes a lot of confidence and stage presence. Vocally, he performed very well and despite all of his dancing, managed to maintain a solid vocal throughout all of his rehearsals. Could we be seeing a 6th Eurovision win for Sweden?


Vanja is joined on stage by four backing vocalists and a pianist. Dressed in a blue and white sparkly suit, Vanja delivered a strong vocal performance; however, his backing vocalists started off rather weak, but definetley improved as the rehearsals went on.

Vanja and his backing singers are all standing in the middle of the stage with the pianist to the left. They do not move much around the stage,


Lea and her dancers delivered a very high energy performance on stage, very similar to what we saw at the national final and they all made very good use of the stage.

Hvala was also delivering a very strong vocal alongside her backing vocalists, and throughout her rehearsals, she maintained a very solid vocal. There is a very good light show that is created during her performance which matches the song's personality perfectly.

So that's all the of the semi finalists first rehearsals done! Who was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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