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Gromee And Lukas From Poland Not Off To A Flying Start

May 2, 2018


This year Poland will be represented by 'Gromme feat Lukas Meijer' with their song, "Light Me Up".  They performed their first rehearsal earlier today.  However, it has been recently revealed that the duo are not off to a flying start at the contest, as it seems that the Polish Head of Delegation for Eurowizja TVP has revealed that lead vocalist Lukas Meijer and Mahan Moin's luggage was lost from Portugal's flight from Stockholm to Lisbon two days ago.


This certainly, is not the best start, and what is concerning, is that both seem to have lost everything.  Their outfits for the show, jewellery and clothes. It is not known where the items disappeared. Both the airport and national airline TAP can not reveal where it is, or where they suspect it is.


So far, Portugal has impressed many in the European community.  They have stuck to a rigid deadline, they have managed not to go over budget, and everything seems to have been running without hitch.  The fact that this has happened would be a minor embarrassment for the organisers.


However, the show must go on.  The consummate professionals that these two are, means that they have decided to perform their first rehearsal, despite not having their stage costumes, and have opted for casual wear in similar colour to they costumes.


If it is any consolation to the Portuguese airline, it seems like history has repeated itself.  Last year Iceland's delegation only temporarily lost 41 cases, leading to SVALA wearing casual clothes on stage when she rehearsed.  It was later found that the cases had missed being transferred to the connecting flight.


Everyone is sure that the Polish duo will be reunited in due course with their luggage.  Eurovoxx will keep you up to date with any further developments.



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