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"It's So Majestic" - Eurovoxx Talks To Cesar Sampson

He's the man with the weight of a nation on his shoulders. This year Cesar Sampson has the honour of representing Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest. His song "Nobody But You" has dazzled fans, and is believed to be a strong contender to take the Eurovision crown. Yesterday, he performed the song as part of his first rehearsals, and impressed many that were there. Even our very own Jess tipped this as the one to watch, and the best rehearsal of the day. After he performed, Cesar spoke to team Eurovoxx's Andy. Both were wearing matching black. This gentle giant was more than happy to talk to us. Check the interview below, and this is what he had to say.

We had to start by congratulating Cesar on his first rehearsal, and how we believed he had "knocked it out of the park". He told us, "I am really happy that so many people see it like that, I know how hard it is to give a good first rehearsal". The Austrian singer told us that, "sometimes the first rehearsal can be a train wreck, this one was actually quite good, and one of the better ones". The team concurred with him, but were quick to let him know how popular he was amongst all those who had seen it.

Of the staging, and how big a secret it was, Eurovoxx had to ask him about his input, and how much he contributed. Cesar told us that the whole team worked together, and there was an element of trust with everyone. He didn't divulge to much information about the staging because, "a lot of the things was shaky in terms of what can be done. How expensive it could be to build a stage like that... I would have loved to have shared that but I couldn't". It was certainly a very pleasant secret that was kept.

Now that he is in Lisbon, and performing on the big stage, Andy asked Cesar how it felt. The young singer told us, "I love the view, I know how amazing it will look when the people are sitting there, and for me it couldn't be a better place to start my song from, as it is elevated. It is so majestic, I just love it".

Check Out Eurovoxx Reaction To Cesar's First Rehearsal Below:

The next question, the team fired at Cesar was the support that he was receiving from the backing singers on stage. Eurovoxx couldn't help but enquire, and wanted to know more about them. He told us, "I really got all my first pick with the people... they were all fifteen year plus professionals, solo artists, and experienced backing vocalists". He has his favourite singer with him, also Celine Dion's backing singer is there supporting him. Cesar really does have the top team. "It was beautiful, now we are just trying to take the team and put it to the stage, we are not nearly satisfied that it sounded better in the hotel room than it did on stage... We need to change that". He laughed a lot explaining that they performed better in a hotel room, than on the big stage.

This is not the first time the team has spoken to Cesar, as we have met him several times at the pre party events. He couldn't tell us his most annoying habit then, but came up trumps today, and told us, "I like to exaggerate, 'cos it makes me happy. If something costs 8000 euros, it just feels better to say 10,000 euros". That certainly got the biggest giggle from both Andy and Cesar.

Eurovoxx continued with the fun questions, and wanted to know his biggest or naughtiest lie? Cesar took us back to his teenage years and said, "when I was 17 in my puberty years, I was a horrible teenager, and told several lies to my mum and a friend saying I needed money for some friends in jail." He has never lied since then he continued to tell us. We can certainly believe that, as he does radiate positivity and niceness.

The interview ended with Cesar telling us that he would take a little rest, but he would enjoy the whole experience and brace it. The team also give him some more time think of annoying habits. He has a week!!!

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Austria's Eurovision representative this year. They have chosen well, and the talented singer is almost a cert to qualify for the Grand Final. The whole team would like to wish him the very best of luck of next week.

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