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"I Will See You In Nine Years" - Eurovoxx Talks To Yianna Terzi

This year Greece has chosen Yianna Terzi to be their representative. She was one of five artists initially chosen by the national broadcaster to perform in the country's national final. However, there were conditions, that led to four of them getting disqualified or pulling out of the race to be the countries next representative. Yianna was chosen essentially by proxy. This has not stopped the artist from pulling out a show stopper of a tune, and giving Greece a real strong chance of a second victory. Today, the very humble artist spoke to our man in Lisbon, Andy. Dressed summary, and very approachable this is what she had to say. Check the interview out below.

We couldn't help but congratulate Yianna on her rehearsal yesterday. Eurovoxx believes it was one of the stand out performances. Andy had to ask had she seen any of the feed back. "I have, I am trying not to read and see to much because it is a different feeling when you are on stage, and from when you see it underneath. There is a lot of video's being taken from phones... I am happy with the first rehearsal, I really like that most people enjoyed it". She went onto say that there would be changes to the second performance, but ultimately the Greek singer is happy. It is understandable that she is, and Yianna is doing a superb job.

This was the first time that the fans, and press had gotten to see her live, she explained to us that, "unfortunately I could not attend the pre parties because I had to stay home and rehearse. Everything happened really late for the Greek mission, so, here we are singing live, and everything is cool". Of the song, we had to ask the young singer how much input she had into it, to which Yianna said, "I am hands on with everything almost, I speak to my director, choreographer every day... make up, hair I wanna have an opinion on. It's my performance, it's our performance, so I definitely need to know what's happening around me". The singer stated that she was very artistic, and has done backstage jobs in the past. This is certainly a lady that is in control.

A striking feature of her performance was that one of her hands were blue. Eurovoxx needed to know what it meant. The blue we were told, represents the colour of Greece, the ocean, the flag, the sky, and is essentially the colour of the country. The left hand is used a lot in the performance, and Yianna wants to show the feminine, blue power of women. She teased, and said there was more to come. This is very exciting.

Check Out The Eurovoxx Reaction To Yianna Terzi First Rehearsal Below:

Her song "Oniro Mou" sounds Greek, and is sung in the native language, we asked how important that was to her. The answer surprised us, "I am the last person you would expect to write a Greek song, I was in America for ten years, and was only writing in English, but this song bursts out of me, and the composers... the country has been through so much lately. It is not about politics, economy, but feelings". She stressed that it was important for it to be in the Greek language because the themes mentioned above would be best expressed in the native language.

The power of Eurovision is terrific in that it brings people together. Yianna expressed these sentiments exactly, by saying it is one of the only few times that Greek people get together. The homeland has been fantastic to her, by offering lots of encouraging words of love, and support. Both Andy and Yianna agreed that the Greek fans were possibly the most passionate, after it was mentioned about the amount of comments that the Eurovoxx reaction video had gotten. The young singer truly loves her fans.

The interview got fun, and personal. The smile on Yianna's face seemed to suggest that she enjoyed this line of questioning. Andy asked her what was the naughtiest thing she had done? To which the Greek singer said, "I'm not sure about the naughtiest, but the riskiest thing I did was when I released my second album in Greece.... I packed up and just moved to America". Greece has called her back home though, and it's dramatic enough to be made into a movie the team thinks.

Check Out Eurovoxx Reaction Video To "Oniro Mou":

We then wanted to know the biggest lie she had ever told, "here's the deal, I did a little white lie lately, and it bugged me so much that I had to admit to it. I believe in telling the truth." Although she is so pure, and come across honest. Finally, Yianna admitted she could easily swap lives with Beyoncé. "We hear you sister!!!"

The interview ended on this note. It was such a pleasure talking to this beautifully, talented young singer. We would like to wish her all the best next week, and feel there is terrific chance of her gracing the Eurovision Grand Final stage. Good Luck!!!

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