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Eurovision 2018 | Day 3: The second semi finalists continue with their first rehearsals!

Full up on Pastel de Nata's, we're ready for the next round of first rehearsals and up first this afternoon is Rasmussen and his vikings!


The vikings are in the house! Rasmussen and his backing singers have given a good performance, although it does seem like Rasmussen is holing back on his vocals, perhaps saving his voice for the semi final.

The staging is very similar to what we saw at DMGP, with Rasmussen and his backing vocalists appearing very confident and strong on stage. We can see the pirate ships and flags in the background, with Rasmussen and his singers all dressed in similar outfits to their national final performance.


Yulia is joined on stage by both backing vocalists and dancers. Sitting a top of a volcano prop in the middle of the stage, we see a couple providing us with an interpretive dance as they move around Yulia's volcano prop. The dancers provide a very strong and emotional performance, which matches the song perfectly. The backing vocalists are sounding good together and their voices also work well with Yulia.


Moldova are bringing us a very comical, fun and up beat performance this year! Following on from their success in Kiev last year, it looks like Moldova are pulling out all the stops this year. With their brightly coloured outfits and slick dance moves, DoReDos are making great use of the stage and their prop. Performing together with 3 backing dancers and vocalists, who are also dressed in identical outfits, we can see them working together to provide the audience with a very fun and entertaining performance.

DoReDos are giving us strong and confident vocals, as are their backing vocalists, and their voices sound very good together. Could this be another top 3 placing for Moldova?

The Netherlands

Waylon is serving us country left right and centre, with a little bit something extra thrown into the mix too! Waylon is joined on stage by 4 backing vocalists and instrumentalists on Guitar and Drums, with them all standing on a raised platform with Waylon himself in the middle, as the centre piece.

The raised platform they all stand on is lit up and the light show that is created during the performance fits perfectly with the song. Waylon is giving us very good vocals, as are his backings, and they appears very cool and confident on stage.


Jessica was last up on stage for today and she looked every bit pretty in purple. Jessica is all alone on stage, wearing a short purple dress, with lots of diaganol light panels behind her, similar to her official music video. She was giving us some dance moves, however, they didn't seem to be flowing very well and at times, she seemed a little robotic. Her vocals were good, and in the end, she delivered a good and promising performance.

So that's it for another day of rehearsals! Who were your favourites today? Who do you think did the best? Let us know in the comments below!!

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