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"It's Like A Dream Come True" - Eurovoxx Talks To Sennek

The rehearsals are well underway, and one artist who is currently in Lisbon preparing for her moment on the Eurovision stage is Sennek with her song, "A Matter Of Time". The young singer is Belgium's choice this year, and talks to Andy about this exciting opportunity that has come her way. She was very smiley and more than obliging when Eurovoxx interviewed her. Sennek was very fun, relaxed and answered our questions. Looking refreshed, and finding our cheesy introduction funny this is what she had to say. Please check the interview below:

As a typical British person, Andy had to start the interview talking about the weather. It seemed that Sennek had brought the sun from Belgium as It had been raining the previous day in Lisbon. The first question that was poised to Sennek was how she felt about her rehearsals. The young singer told the team that, "I was very happy actually, you live for this moment.... being a singer you want to share your story on that stage". We were told that this has been eight months in the making. However there were still a few things that needed to be worked on, but overall the Belgian singer was happy and relaxed.

When Eurovoxx reviewed her first rehearsal, there was nothing that both Andy or Jess could see needed improvement, Sennek then told us that, "I worked with the team and was very clear on this is the vibe I am working with". Her and the team are on the same level when it comes to the performance, and how it should look. The performer whose real name is Laura told us that the minor adjustments would be with the lighting, and some different camera angles.

Andy couldn't help but compliment the artist on her voice, as it is very distinctive. "It was important to me, it's an act that supports the song. I am a singer, and not a dancer so this is not a dance act... I am a singer and songwriter and wont do the wiggly bits", she told us.

When reminded on being one of the first artists to be announced, then the long wait for the song reveal, Sennek said, "it was months of waiting, but actually I loved the creative process, and I started writing lots of songs. I had something in my head, and it had to come out... I had to dig and find my way through. Then we picked out a matter of time". We were also told that there was a pre-production in Paris where there was nice vibe there coming from the song, and when the team returned to Belgium it was recorded on ICP studios. The young singer is so humble, she told Andy that she hoped the viewing audience would enjoy the quality of song, and that it had depth and a story to it.

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Of the reaction to the song by the fans, which has been mainly positive. The Belgium singer smiled so much and stated, "to be honest everyone has been so sweet, it's like a dream come true and sometimes I have to pinch myself. No-one has been very negative. It's a classic song, I wanted to bring something classic with something modern". Sennek was also delighted when we told her that her song, was a favourite of a non Eurovision friend who had heard them all. The Belgian beauty said, "It's not a Eurovision song, because I didn't write for the Eurovision, I just had a mind set of bringing this elegant, classy, timeless song that still is modern, and I wanted to work with my boys".

Belgium have been doing so well recently at the contest, and off the pressure that is on this young ladies shoulders, she did grimace a little, and said, "I'm going to do my very best for the Belgians, I hope they will be proud, and I hope I will get the points I deserve. It gives you a good vibe, and that extra push". Referring to the pressure that is there at the contest.

Eurovoxx made the interview more fun, and threw some random questions at Sennek. She told us that the craziest thing she had done was to actually fly to Lisbon in the cockpit. The pilot had invited her. Andy was suitably impressed as that would be something he would never do. "Sennek is pure" and doesn't lie. We can well believe that as she just radiates goodness. "It's not my thing" she told Andy, "I want to stay true to myself".

The interview then ended with everyone smiling. It was an absolute pleasure speaking to Belgium's Eurovision representative this year. All the team at Eurovoxx would like to wish Sennek the best of luck in her semi final, and hopes to see her in the Grand Final next Saturday.

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