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Eurovision 2018 | Day 2: the first rehearsals continue!

We've had our lunch break and now it's time to continue on with the rehearsals, starting with Finland.


Saara Aalto dazzles on stage in her Swarovski-encrusted outfit as she moves around her prop and dancers to deliver a visually stunning performance. There is a big centre piece with two staircases either side that Saara and her dancers use very well.

She starts off at the back of the stage with her dancers, and we can see her (slowly) spinning around before making her way to the front of the stage. Her performance is very high energy and eye catching. Saara looks at ease on stage, and is delivering a good vocal performance, however, it does seem like Saara could be saving her voice in this first rehearsal.


Encompassed by a circle of rectangular pillars, Sevak stands alone on stage with a visually pleasing light show going on around him. Dressed head to toe in a grey ensemble, Sevak delivers a very powerful and emotional performance of Qami.


Brother and Sister duo ZIBBZ had a very good first rehearsal. They looked like they were very confident up on stage, and they made good use of the stage and bridge walkway. They are joined on stage by hidden backing vocalists. They've done away with the light up triangles and have gone for a more sophisticated style of staging yet not losing any of their rock 'n' roll style.


Ryan has brought his official video to the Lisbon stage, with 2 guys dancing around a bench whilst he focuses on singing and playing his guitar. The dancers are telling a story, which is very captivating for the audience, and they work very well on stage with Ryan. Ryan's vocals were very good and he appeared to be very relaxed on stage, and enjoying every moment of it.

So that's a wrap on day 2 of the first rehearsals! Let us know what you thought of them below!!

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