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Eurovision 2018 | Day 2: It's time for round 2 of the first rehearsals!

It's day 2 at the Altice Arena in Lisbon and it's time for another 9 countries take to the stage for their first rehearsal. Starting the day off was Eye Cue from Macedonia!


Eye Cue (Bojan and Marija) were joined on stage by their drummer and 3 backing vocalists. Dressed in a hot pink dress, Marija made very good use of the stage and the bridge walkway above the stage. The backing vocalists are dressed in black with bright coloured skirts to add a splash of colour. She interacted well with the backing vocalists and Bojan, who plays his Guitar throughout the whole performance and provides some backing vocals too. Marija appeared confident and comfortable on stage, and overall, she sang well with her backing vocalists, but her vocals did sound a little weak in places.


Franka, dressed head to toe in black, stands alone on stage with a stand mic before breaking away. She delivers a very strong and confident yet sultry performance. She is accompanied by hidden backing vocalists, and together, they deliver a very strong vocal performance. Compared to her official music video, their Eurovision staging seems more simplistic and stripped back, with Franka all eyes on Franka.


Cesár is in the house ladies and gentlemen! At the beginning of his performance, Cesár is standing on a part of the stage that has been raised, which is lit up around him. As the song goes on, the stage lowers and we see Cesár make good use of the rest of the stage. He is joined by 3 backing vocalists who are singing from the bridge for the whole performance.

Cesár looks very comfortable and confident on stage. His vocals are on point, as are those of the backing vocalists, and they perform very well together to deliver a very strong performance. Could we be seeing a third win for Austria?


Yianna, dressed in a beautiful long white dress, is joined on stage by hidden backing vocalists. She performs alone on stage with no dancers. The staging is very stripped back, which suits the song perfectly. She is delivering a very strong vocal performance, as are her backing vocalists, and their voices merge very well together to create a beautiful sound on stage.

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