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Eurovision 2018 | Day 1: The first rehearsals continue!

The first round of rehearsals for Eurovision 2018 are continuing on in full swing and the 6th act to take to the stage at the Altice Arena is Ieva from Lithuania.


Ieva is looking every bit pretty in pink as she takes to the stage for her first rehearsal. Ieva can be seen sitting on the stage again, just as she did at the Lithuanian national final, before rising into the arms of an unknown man at the very end of the song.

Ieva is giving a very simplistic and stripped back performance. Starting out in almost total darkness, the stage soon lights up to reveal Ieva.


Israel were faced with technical issues and a delayed start to their rehearsal, but that didn't stop Netta from bringing it to the table. Netta was joined by some of the dancers from her official video, and together, they brought energy and power to the stage! Netta started out next to her looper machine, before moving away and joining her dancers on stage.


Gone is the light-up LED suit and here is a more stripped back version of Alekseev, delivering a promising performance as he has a bow and arrow match (of sorts) with his female dancer on stage. Alekseev appeared comfortable and confident on stage, however, he appeared to be holding back on his vocals.

The whole staging tells a story and we're sure that the viewers will be catapulted into the story of the song.


Elina gave a flawless performance on stage and wowed everyone with her powerful vocals. She appeared to run through her song so effortlessly, delivering a top notch performance every time. Her dress, complete with LED images, was visually stunning. Elina is owning that stage and her and her dress have no problem in filling that arena! Could we be heading to Estonia next year?


Last to rehearse today was Bulgaria. Equinox gave a very solid vocal performance and they appeared to be very confident and comfortable on stage. Equinox have made good use of the stage and lighting to deliver a powerful and striking performance. All of the members of Equinox are individual artists, but manage to come together to create something very strong.

Which rehearsal has been your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments below!!


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