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It's the calm after the Storm as SuRie releases acoustic version of "Storm"

SuRie has released a new, acoustic version of her Eurovision song, "Storm", making it the third version of her song to be released. The song is available to listen to on both Spotify and Apple Music. Only a few weeks ago, fans were treated to the 7th Heaven Remix of Storm but now, it's all been stripped back.

Here's what SuRie has said about the acoustic version:

"The Eurovision Song Contest experience has gone far beyond any kind of expectation I might have had when Storm was first pitched to me. To perform the song, to hear it sung back at me by the thousands of fans in the UK, Israel, The Netherlands and Spain, to see how it puts smiles on faces and to feel how people connect to it; it has made me realise there's more to this track than meets the eye.

Stripping it back to its most intimate, most poignant message has turned the whole adventure full circle for me. I hope fans will embrace this version, and there is no denying that it takes things back to where I come from, musically. A good song still stands when stripped back to its bare bone writing, and it has been so exciting and fun to hear Storm thrive in this new version."

The release of the acoustic version of Storm coincides with the acoustic tour that SuRie will be going on after Eurovision. Simply called "Eurovision Unplugged", SuRie will sing acoustic covers of Eurovision songs over the years. More information about her tour can be found on her website,

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