The Stage Is All Set As The Technical Rehearsals For Eurovision Begin

April 23, 2018


It's only two weeks before the highlight of the year begins as Eurovision week starts.  It is less than a week before artists descend on Lisbon to prepare and rehearse for their moment on the Eurovision stage.


With this in mind, it can be revealed that the technical rehearsals for Europe's biggest show has begun.  This will give artists and the delegations a chance to see how their performance will look on stage.  It also enables them to change camera angles, or lighting arrangements in a positive way to promote their song, and improve its visual element to the viewing public. 


Today, the MEO arena displayed Hungary's AWS performance.  Check the video out below.  



We have not seen any pyro technics yet, however, the lighting is incredible, and those lucky enough to be there will be in for a treat as it is visually spectacular. 


It was revealed earlier in the year that Lisbon would not be using any LED lighting on the stage, which has been in abundance in past years.  The organisers hoped to make it a more economical event.  A lack of LED screens and lighting would help save the cost.  However, it does not detract from the stage and lighting itself as it is spectacular.


This year Portugal will host the competition for the very first time, after Salvador Sobral gave the country its first ever victory.  Eurovision has its 43 songs, and an incredible venue, all that is needed now is the show to begin.  Two weeks time will see another country take the crown.


Who is your favourite?  Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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