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Meet Christabelle From Malta

This year 43 countries will be present at this years Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Lisbon in May. With around two weeks to go until all of Europe descends on Portugal's capital. Eurovoxx will introduce you to each country that will be participating.

Who Is She?

Christabelle Borg is a well known personality in Malta. She is famous there as a singer, and a television presenter. The 25 year old born in 1992 is a well established singer in Malta, and is quite prolific on the music scene.

The young singer first rose to prominence back in her early teen years as a television presenter fronting shows current to the young demograph of the small Mediterranean island.

Music is her fortay though, and has seen her releasing 12 singles such as her Eurovision entry, "Taboo", also, "I wanna Know", "Rush" and "Flame" to name a few. These have all had a reasonable amount of success in her homeland. Her musical style tends to favour the pop, and dance genre. However, she has done well with her R 'n' B styles of music.

When it comes to Eurovision this isn't Christabelle's first taste of the contest. Back in 2005 she entered the Junior Eurovision Song Contest national selection with her song "Going Wild". In more recent years, she has tried on four occasions. Her first was back in 2014, then in 2015, and 2016. However, it is her 2018 attempt that saw her strike lucky. Her song trying to break the "Taboo" of mental health really striking a chord with the voting public.

Christabelle won with the song, "Taboo".

Listen To Christabelle's Song Here:

How Was Christabelle Chosen?

This year the national broadcaster for Malta PBS opted to hold a national final. On September 15th 2017 the broadcaster had chosen 30 songs that had survived the initial judging by a professional panel. A month later this was cut in half to 16 songs that was decided to compete in the live televised show.

The show consisted of a live grand final that saw all songs perform. The winner was to be decided by a split of 50% international jury vote, where Iceland, FYR Macedonia, Italy, Czech Republic and Albania voted. Whilst the other 50% came from the public televote.

The long national final saw Christabelle Borg's song, "Taboo" being the clear favourite and winning the honour of being Malta's next Eurovision entrant. With the jury it scored 60 points, 26 ahead of it's nearest rival. The voting public also agreed awarding her 73 points. A break down of the results show she was 35 points ahead of her nearest competitor. Winning, she becomes Malta's 30th Eurovision entry.

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Malta At The Eurovision Song Contest

The country first debuted at the contest all the way back in 1971. After competing in 1971, 1972, and 1975 the country withdrew for 16 years and did not compete again until 1991. They entered and withdrew on 3 occasions during those years.

Malta has sent a total of 30 songs to the competition, and is well established as a member of the Eurovision family. The small nation loves, and takes the contest very seriously. Although, they have never won the competition they have had 13 top ten finishes including coming second on two occasions. First with Ira Losco back in 2002 then Chiara in 2005. Chiara has represented her country on three occasions with her 1998 and 2005 making it to the top 3. Hence, being the most successful Maltese artist at the contest.

Since the introduction of the semi finals, Malta have qualified for the final on only 8 occasions. Could Christabelle make it number 9? For a small nation, the country has done very well.

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