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Meet Rasmussen From Denmark

This year 43 countries will be present at this years Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Lisbon in May. With around two weeks to go until all of Europe descends on Portugal's capital, Eurovoxx will introduce you to each country that will be participating.

Who Is He?

Rasmussen will be the singer that will represent Denmark at this years Eurovision Song Contest. The singer known as Jonas Flodager Rasmussen was born in 1985 and will be singing his song "Higher Ground". His musical style is attributed to the pop and rock genre. Not only does he sing, but he is a a teacher at both the School of Performing Arts at Viborg Cultural School and Aarhus Theatre Learning. Thus, displaying his academic side.

He is no stranger to musical performance as he is the front man of the 1980's band "Hair Metal Heroe's". . He has also been an actor of stage show musicals such as "West Side Story", "Rent" and "Les Miserables". The song has been described as an "epic and modern song that has routes to the Viking history of Denmark". The song was released on the 5th February 2018 and went to number 9 in the Danish charts.

Check out Rasmussen's Eurovision Entry "Higher Ground" Here:

How Was He Chosen?

This year Denmark opted for their annual "Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018", which was in its 48th year. The show consisted of a live final broadcast on the 10th February, that saw ten songs compete for the chance to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest. A 50/50 jury and public vote saw three artists, Anna Ritsmar, Rasmussen and Albin Fredy progress to the super final. All three performed again, with Rasmussen winning 50% of the vote. Both the juries and the public, voted him as their choice to sing his song at Lisbon.

Check out Rasmussen's Interview With Eurovoxx:

Denmark At The Eurovision

Denmark first participated at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1957. Since then they have participated a total of 46 times. In that time they have won the competition on three occasions. The first time was back in in 1963 with the song "Dansevise" performed by Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann. They had to wait 37 years for their second win. The millennium edition of the show saw the Olsen Brothers win with "Fly On The Wings Of Love". Their third victory came in 2013 where Emmelie de Forest won with, "Only Teardrops". Since the introduction of the free language rule the country has sung in English in every year since 1999. They have only come last once, and have had 25 top ten finishes. Could Rasmussen make it a fourth time this year?

Check Out Eurovoxx Reaction Video Here:

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