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Finland | Saara Aalto sings 'Monsters' in 34 languages!

This year, Finland selected their representative for The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 internally, making Eurovision fans very happy as they chose Saara Aalto who has previously attempted to sing for Finland at Eurovision in 2011 and 2016. Her three potential songs were revealed week after week and on March 3, 2018 'Monsters' was chosen for Finland.

Fans probably remembers how Saara Aalto bravely sang the Disney soundtrack for 'Frozen', 'Let It Go' in 15 different languages. As amazing as it was, it was nothing compared to what she managed this week. She broke her own record by challenging herself and doubling the language skills... but no, this time not the soundtrack itself, but her Eurovision Song Contest entry 'Monsters'.

Saara Aalto sang her song in 34 languages. One of the languages fans have seen while she was in Lithuanian National Selection as the special guest. Among 34 languages she sings in Nordic, Greek, Baltic, Caucasian, Balkans, as well as Portuguese and other central European countries languages.

Have a listen to tell us what you think about it. Does she sing your language well? Or maybe your language is missing? Do you like it? Do you not like it? Let us know below!!

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