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Mikolas Josef falls ill before Isreal Calling performance

A day before he's due to perform his fun entry "Lie To Me" at Israel Calling in Tel Aviv, Czech Republic's Mikolas Josef announces he's fallen ill, leaving him unsure if he's able to perform at the event due to take place this evening, April 10th.

Joining 24 other representatives on their Israel visit, Josef announced on his Instagram story that he had to miss out on the sightseeing activities that was arranged for all 25 acts, "Bad news. Today I had to skip the sightseeing activities as I was feeling already quite ill at the red carpet". He continues to explain how his condition got "severely worse" overnight, and that he was going to be visited by a Doctor "in a few hours".

The highlight of the trip will be the live concert being held outdoors in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square to the public, something that was previously held indoors. The gig will feature a performance from all the participants visiting Israel, including Israel's 2018 representative Netta, performing her song 'Toy'. Also joining them on the stage will be Israel's previous representatives Izhar Cohen and Dana International who respectively won the contest in 1978 and 1998.

The concert will feature slightly less acts than in last year's Israel Calling Show, however, due to the change in location, the audience will be much bigger as the event is free and open to the general public, and is "expected to be packed to the gills".

Josef announced on Instagram that if the Doctor's visit is no help, he will have to cancel his performance at the event, "If that does not help I will not be able to perform tomorrow here at #IsraelCalling fingers crossed", before ending his message with a show of gratitude to the incredible welcome all the acts have received, "you have been very kind to us Tel Aviv!"

7 hours after posting the long message on his Instagram story, Josef posts an update announcing he's on antibiotics for the next 10 days, as well as some painkillers. He goes on to thank everyone for "all the well wishes", before taking off to rest.

This morning, he posted an update confirming that he will still perform, although it appears he will take it aesy throughout the day as he says he won't be partaking in any pres conferences, "I'm not going to the press conference but... I will see you on stage tonight #TelAviv!", along with the hashtag "#FeelingBetter". We here at Eurovoxx would like to wish Mikolas the most speedy recovery and the best health for the rest of his journey. We are glad to see him feeling better, but hope to see him back to his normal self soon!

You can send all your love and best wishes to Mikolas on his social media;

Facebook; Mikolas Josef

Twitter; @MikolasJosef

Instagram; @MikolasJosef

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