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Eurovision Pre-party season 2018 begins!

You know when Eurovision is fast approaching, when we head to Riga each year for the first Eurovision Pre-party - and last night was no exception!

In a show hosted by Roberto Meloni (Latvia 2007 & 2008), four of this years' competing artists entertained fans at the Crystal Club in the Latvian capital; Ieva Zasimauskaite (Lithuania), Mikolas Josef ( Czech Republic), DoReDos ( Moldova) and Laura Rizzotto ( Latvia), and they were joined by previous contestant Amber (Malta 2015), and Supernova finalist Markus Riva who opened the show!

Each artist of course performed their Eurovision entry, along with other songs from their back catalogue and a selection of cover versions:

Laura Rizzotto - ''Funny Girl'' (Eurovision 2018), ''Red Flags'', ''The High'', ''Teardrops'' and a cover of Ed Sheeran's ''Shape Of You''

Mikolas Josef - ''Lie To Me'' (Eurovision 2018) and ''Free''

DoReDoS - ''My Lucky Day'' (Eurovision 2018), ''Bella Ciao'' and ''Constantine''

Amber - ''Warrior (Eurovision 2015), ''Power'' and a special Eurovision Medley

Markus Riva - ''This Time'' (Supernova Final 2018), ''Take Me Down'' and ''Lights On''

Riga is always the first stop on the Pre-Eurovision tour, which will next be arriving in London on 5 April 2018 for the London Eurovision Party, which will this year feature no less than 20 of this years' competing artists!

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