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Lithuania | Ieva Zasimauskaite: Find happiness because, finding happiness is most beautiful thing in

Talented singer-songwriter - Ieva Zasimauskaite - has won Lithuania's ticket to Eurovision in Lisbon this year with her song ''When We're Old'', and we are honoured that she has taken time out of her busy schedule to talk to us...

Firstly, congratulations on your win! How does it feel a week after winning the ticket to Lisbon? Has it sunk in yet?

Ieva: I'm feeling very nice, today was really nice, because I was going to a lot of interview's, TV show's, I like to communicate with people and I like to talk a lot. I went to Denmark, to the temple for a little bit of a rest and now i'm continuing my work, on Friday I go to my first Eurovision pre-party in Riga, Latvia. So I feel pretty excited and pretty happy.

This was not your first time trying to represent Lithuania at Eurovision, did you previous experience help with the pressure this year?

Ieva: Yes, of course, because I have a lot of practice with people who worked with Eurovision and I knew what I should not do and I knew what things I should do. This year was special for me, because this song is like magic and like a miracle in my life.

What made you try again?

Ieva: I was not planning to go to Eurovision this year, but the songwriter call me and said, I have a song with which you can win this year. Then I heard [the song] and then I decided immediately I want to sing that song thousand times.

Have you had any support or words of advice from any previous Lithuanian Eurovision participants? What have they said?

Ieva: No, I didn't have.

Can you tell us more about the song? What does it mean to you?

Ieva: First, now i'm living with this song from morning to evening and it's OK for me because that song truly reminds me who I am and what i want to say to the world... this song is about relationships in my life. I want to have good relationships with all people and this song is about that love and the line of life because the last line of this song is about having no fear to grow up and grow old if someone is holding your hand. In this moment and in this age, people are separated and they feel disappointed in relationships. This song is for all of us. Have a relationship, brother, mother , father - it doesn't matter - it is important that you have someone you trust and who trusts in you.

We have heard that you will be singing in both English and Lithuanian in Lisbon? How did yo come to this decision? What will it mean to you to be able to sing your national language on the Eurovision stage?

Ieva: We have expactations and we will try to make it possible because Lithuania celebrates 100 years of independence and I will be very happy to be singing in my national language. Actually, Lithuania have sung in the national language only twice. I do not remember who it was as it was a long time ago! That means a lot to me...

Have you heard the songs from any other countries yet? Are there any you particularly like?

Ieva: Yes! I heard Spain, Portugal and France and yeah I like all of them very much.

You win Eurovision in would you celebrate?

Ieva: I don't know. It will be like a miracle that Lithuania wins at Eurovision, but I remember when I was a little child I told my mom that I would win Eurovision one day, and that it will be in Portugal.

Lithuania is the only Baltic nation not to have won Eurovision. How would the country react if you won?

Ieva: I don't know. It would be a great celebration in my country. It would be easy, because I would become a big star in my country and people would go to my concerts. It would be also a big present for Lithuania for 100 years of independence.

Tell us more about you as a person? If you weren't doing music, what would you be doing instead?

Ieva: I was thinking about it, I think I would have a vegetarian restaurant, because I'm a vegetarian. I'd be a cook, because I like to cook so much.

And finally, Do you have a message for your fans and supporters?

Ieva: Yes, of course. I think that the most important thing we have in this world are relationships and do not forget to be friends and communicate with others not only through social media - it is important that contacting person with face to face. I think we miss that a lot. And if I have some concerts, please come . And find happiness because finding happiness is the most beautiful thing in this world. Do not forget to love and do not forget to forgive.

Thank you so much for talking to us, and good luck in Lisbon!

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