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Georgia | Iriao unveil entry just 'For You'

Despite being one of the first countries to announce the act it was sending to Lisbon, Georgia has remained decidedly tight-lipped about its competing song. That all changed today, with folk-jazz outfit Iriao officially releasing "Sheni Gulistvis" ("For You").

Written by Davit Malazonia and Irina Sanikidz, the song is a soaring ballad which blends a sumptuous orchestral backing track with traditional Caucasus sounds. The song also breaks new ground for Georgia, being the first of the country's 11 entries to be performed entirely in its native language.

Georgia originally announced plans to host a national final, but reneged on these plans with the internal selection of Iriao on December 31, 2017. Fans of "Sheni Gulistvis" ("For You") will have to wait until May 10 to see the song performed live, when Iriao take to the stage in the second half of Semi Final Two.

Before then, you can check out the official video below:

Do you think Iriao will bring Georgia to the Eurovision final? Let us know what you think!!

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