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United Kingdom | SuRie To Present Revamp Wednesday?

SuRie was selected to represent the United Kingdom with the entry "Storm" at Eurovision: You Decide, and after teases and conformation a revamp would be coming for the song, it seems a date has been set for when we can expect it.

SuRie this evening has dropped a teaser artwork photo on her Twitter, with the caption "07.03.18" we can more than assume this is a date (and not her banking sort code) which leads us to wonder, is this the date for the revamp to be debuted, the 7th March is this coming Wednesday, so eager SuRie fans and Brits won't have to wait long to hear the song.

SuRie is no stranger to the Eurovision stage, having performed alongside the Belgian entry on two separate occasions, in what SuRie herself calls "false flagging" she performers as backing singer and dancer in 2015 with Loic Nottet and then an off stage backing singer with Blanche in 2017, this year however the spotlight is all hers as she flies the flag for the United Kingdom in Lisbon.

What are you hoping the revamp to sound like? What do you feel SuRie can achieve in Lisbon? Check out her winning performance from You Decide below and let us know!

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