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Belgium | Sennek's Entry "A Matter Of Time" Leaked Ahead Of Release Date

We were told yesterday we would have to wait until March 6th for the entry from Belgium and their artist SENNEK, but tonight, from an unknown source, her entry has been leaked onto the internet in full.

SENNEK, real name Laura Groeseneken, was the first artist revealed for Eurovision 2018 way back when in September, and since we have been in the dark and been secretive about their entry, however the song is not out in full, due to an unknown source leaking the song ahead of their March 6th planned release date.

When asked about her entry and her plans for it by when she was announced, she said she planned to send a song with a message and connect with, and not expect her to dance with, and this clearly shows through, its a slow, classy soul ballad, with a certain dark edge to it, creating a very sophisticated mood and concept, it has already be likened to as a "Bond film" song, and although it doesn't jump off the diving board in BPM or a big key change, it nonetheless keeps your attention and engaged throughout the three minutes.

If "A Matter Of Time" reaches the top ten, Belgium will have their consecutive entry in the top ten in the Grand Final, a run of results to have not matched since the mid 1960s. SENNEK will be competing in the first half of the first semi final on Tuesday 8th May. You can listen to the leaked entry, in full below.

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